Portland, here I come!

Hey guys, I’m leaving for Portland today for a week’s vacation with some friends. I’ll be hiking and mountain climbing and partying on the town. Unfortunately, we couldn’t bring our mountain bikes due to the outrageous price the airline wanted to transport them! Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you won’t see me on the forum all week (Damn! It’s about time we got rid of Nate Dogg!). And I hope my boys Timbo, Whopper, Dre and the rest of you have a great week. Timbo is starting a new training program this week. So tear it up Timbo! And Whopper, be sure to keep us posted about Germaine! I hope all is well. Dre, get better soon bro! We can’t have you sick and broken! Recover and conquer my man! Also, to all the T-men and women out there, have a fantastic and safe Memorial Day weekend! That goes for the T-staff as well! :slight_smile:

Yeah, Nate Dogg, in the words of the great Puff Daddy (sure), We’ll be Missin’ you, bro I don’t know what forum life will be like without the Top Dogg??? Have a great week, bro. Do some chillin’ and some relaxin’ and just have a dayumn good time. Thanks for the encouragement and assistance. We’ll be looking forward to having you back ASAP.

Nate Dogg: I used to live in Portland, and it
is a cool place to be in summer. Very
beautiful scenery. Good for outdoors stuff.
(Sucks in the winter.) There is a nightlife
there, but maybe not as much as you might
expect for a city of that size. If you get
this message before you leave, you definitely
need to check out some of the many microbrew
places in Portland. Some of the best beer in
the world (if your into that).

Nate?? Nate who?? Hmmm…do I know a Nate…dont think so…Just bustin bro…have a great time and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…which isn’t very much! Now also remember when you are in a strange town…you can make an ass out of yourself with the ladies…cause you will probably never see thwem again!! So let it ALL hang out dogg!!!

What’s up T-bros? Hey, I’m chillin in Portland. Got here about 6pm Saturday. So here’s my progress report so far. When we got here we chilled out, grilled some food and went to a club. Unfortunately, one of the people I’m here with is under 21. So we couldn’t go to any of the cool places (Panarama). And with the time change, I was feeling so messed up! It was about 2 a.m. here when we got back from another club (which is 5 a.m. my time!). I’ll tell you know lie, there were some hella hotties all over the club! DAYUM.

And Whopper, you’ll be proud. I’m letting it all hang out. In fact, I let it hang out at the airport. Went up to some cutie before we boarded the plane. We had her sit by us and chilled on the flight to Texas. Unfortunately, she was only 15. LOL! DAYUM. Okay, that just started things. At the club, I approached a group of girls and said something about me being out of town and hoping they could help me have a good time tonight, but I got shut down as they proceeded to say, “Sorry, we’re waiting for our boyfriends!” Shut down! LOL. It’s all good though. Still have many days left to tear shit up and have some fun.

Free Extropian, we will be checking out the microbreweries this week. I don't drink, but my friends do! So we'll be out there often. And you're right, I didn't expect downtown to be the way it is. I actually wasn't too impressed. Coming for a college town like UF, this place actually isn't as cool or laid out as well. And there are some hella freaks downtown. I'm not kidding, it's like an overspill from the freaks you expect to see in Seattle. Oh well. I'll hook up with a freak. I don't discrimnate! LOL.

Today we plan on going out to the coast and check out the seals and whatever else they do on the coast! Tomorrow we’ll be doing some hiking and going up to Mt. Hood! Should be fun. The scenery is awesome. The friends I’m visiting have a nice place in West Linn. You can go to the pool and look over and see Mt. Hood in the background. It’s awesome. Snow-capped mountain looks great. I’m glad they have a heated pool here, as the temps are in the 60-70’s. And you know I’ll be doing some swimming and playing.

I’ll give you guys a few updates this week and let you know what happens. It should be a blast. We are cooking up some hella oamlettes right now. I can’t wait to chow down. The five us will be having a good time today. And you know I’ll be taking a shot all week with no fears. In fact, my friends live in a place loaded with MILF’s. So while they are at the pool during the week, I’ll have to make my move. Their husbands will be at work, so I’m sure a “nooner” will sound good to them. And they are some hella hot MILF’s. I’ve also noticed there is a larger asian population. So maybe I’ll hook it up with a cute asian chick. That’ll be new for me. And I’m down for whatever! Alright guys, I’ll talk with you later. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

Nate Dogg: LOL as far as the “freaks” go, yeah
they spill over from Seattle into Portland,
and then from there to Eugene (OR). At the
OR coast, one thing they don’t do there is
swim, cause it’s too damn cold. Especially
compared to FL. Yes, there are a lot of Asians
in Portland, but that is true for the whole
pacific northwest - from Vancouver BC down
to Eugene OR. Good luck with the MILFs!

YO wudup Nate Dogg?? That’s tight you’re up in P-Town, I live up in here. Why the hell would ya wanna come here? LOL naw, its a pretty tight place, less than a couple hours from the coast, mountains, desert, whatever – its all here. YO if you get this before you go, wear your Testosterone T-shirt on your flight home, i work out at the airport and might bump into you. Amen on the MILFs. MILFs aplenty for one and all around here, ill tell ya that. Have fun, Payce!

BTW, Any other T bro’s live up in this area? Just curious.

Shafty, I may just wear the Testosterone shirt when I head out Sat morning. Weather is sucking today, so no hiking until later this week. We’re gonna check things out downtown…probably check out the zoo, the Japanese Gardens and a movie. And tonight is party time with grilling and chilling by the jacuzzi. The coast was cool. We went to The Rogue in Newport. Tasty beer! I hope to meet some MILF’s this week. And some hot asians too! I’ll keep you posted! Peace!

Party at Nate Dogg’s while he’s away!!!He’s
gonna be pissed when he finds out I’m bringing
Jessica Alba.HAHAHA

DAYUM LOL … Loved the “Dawg About Town Report” - gotta do another one man but with more honeys over the age of consent ;). Can I make a contribution to the adventure - next time just you go out be light on your feet and just talk to any ole girl friendly like. Not making moves or with any aim other than making friends with the town but get some intitial success under your belt and then get your swerve on for the honeys but keep the subtlelt. Make sure you get pics to add to Nates Friends lol. Im so with you on this one Ill lend you my secret line but dont tell anyone else or misuse it OK. Get talking and messin around and then say “this reminds me of the first night we met … you looked gorgeous in your [what shes wearing] and we taked about [what you talked about] and then [something that just happened] and then - you leant over and kissed me”. Female mind control dawg - she gets confused because its like past tense and just does it automatically. Never fails - DAYUM :wink: lol. Gotta trot out some old nate again “Hold up - heeeey - to all the dudes who be thinkin we soft - we dont - playyyyy - nate gone rock it till the wheels fall off - hold up … take a - seeeeat - hope your ready for the next episode” :slight_smile:

Mike, you were cracking me up! Party at my place and you’re bringing Jessica Alba? And I’m not there! DAYUM! I shoulda stayed in Florida! LOL!

Well, we only hit the zoo and downtown yesterday. Ate at Rockbottom and chilled. I flirted with the waitress, but she totally tore me up (in a teasing way). I had fun. Tried to get her to take me out on the town and show me around. But she was working late. We hit the pool and jacuzzi last night. Met a cutie there and started talking to her. I’m doing better, she was 17, about to graduate from high school. So I’m moving up. LOL! She was cool. I told her I was younger than I am, but my friend threw a “shield” and told her I was 26. She figured I was 22 or 23. So she was like, damn, you’re 9 years older than me! Talk about cock block! LOL. But we chatted and she told us some cool places to go. I tried to get her to come out with us last night, but she couldn’t. But said she would come back this afternoon and check us out.

The friends we are visiting are working today, so we are just gonna hit the pool all day and probably play around in the fitness room. This is my off week, but I can't stay away. I figure I'll do some circuit training and do some dumbbell exercises for reps. The heaviest dumbbells they have are 50lbs, so I won't be doing much more than pumping up. It'll be all good.

Dre, I was actually beginning to do as you said about just making conversation rather than hitting on them. I figure I'll just strike up a nice conversation and go from there. Should work much better than a straight up line or something. Besides, I work better when I make small talk and not directly hit on them. So my boy Dre has seen my homepage? Sweet bro. Send me your email addy, I'll keep it safe. I definitely need to get more pics while I'm here. I'll post them on my page. It'll be something like "Nate's new friends in Portland!" LOL. And I'll have to use that little line of yours next time! Sweetness. Aight, I'm out. Gotta hit the pool and do some playing all day. I'll give you guys another report soon.

Mike K…I am there bro!!! I got the Doggs addy, and I think we need a good old fashion…wall removing, TV throwing out the window, swinging from the drapes Party at Nates Place. We can film it…and call it “Weekday at Nates” You bring Jessica, and I will supply lots of other female fun (all over the age of consent) and we will break in the Natesters place like it has never been broken in!! In fact I bet WHEN one of us gets lucky on Nates bed…that it will be the FIRST time it was ever used for that! Nate bro…if I was single, and away from home…I sure as hell wouldn’t be sitting on this forum, I would be out prowlin N growlin 24/7 looking for the elusive T-Vixenuus EVERYWHERE! Stop at a 7-11…I would be looking, stop for a pair of socks…I would be looking…hitting the fitness center…I would be looking…and if your damn friend keeps cockblocking you…Kick his ass or ditch the little bitch!! The idea of a vacation is NO FRIGGIN ACCOUNTABILITY! Now go forth and MAKE AN ASS OF YOURSELF…because once you get back to Florida…it is back to accountability bro!!

Oh yes there will be pics and I hope the
fridge is stocked.You don’t mind if I ride your bike do you?

Nate: If you’re hiking in the Columbia Gorge, take the time to go to Wahclella Falls (Tanner Creek) right off the same exit for the Bonneville dam. It’s a fairly easy but very scenic hike, and the waterfall at the end of the trail is where my wife and I got married. (If you actually do hike it, you’ll be amazed to know that a 92-year-old woman actually made it to the end and back for our wedding.) If you want a really difficult hike, either go to the waterfall at the end of Eagle Creek or hike up Dog Mountain. Muhahahaha…

Nate Dogg that is crazy that you are in west linn. I live in west linn, Oregon. It would be my honor to take you out to dinner and give you some suggestions on the funnest stuff to do. To bad I didn’t know you were coming to portland(there were some tight ass parties I could have brought you and your freinds to). So other words “YOU MISSED OUT ON SOME PUSS”.

Having graduated from Oregon City ('82), I’ll keep my opinions about West Linn to myself. Ahh, screw it. West Linn sucks, O.C. rules! :slight_smile:

Whopper my man! What’s up bro? Hey, I’ve been prowling. But it’s been slow. No hotties work at the grocery store, Blockbuster, Starbucks or anywhere else around here. I think we’re gonna have to go further into town soon. Hey, don’t worry, I’m only on here as I’m waiting for breakfast to be done. So I’m prowling 23/7. Ha, you think you’re going to be the first to get action on my bed? HA! I’ve had three beds so far due to action. But I must say, this last bed has last longer due to less action recently! LOL. Mike, I want to see those pictures! Bob Kennedy, yes, we are supposed to go to Dog Mountain or Mt. Hood for hiking. We’ll be doing that Thurs or Fri. Joel, bro, send me your email addy with your phone number! I’ll give you a call and we can do something. We’re going to a strip club tonight called the Acropolis. Should be fun! It sucks that I missed out one some parties. The last few nights I would have loved to have gone out somewhere fun. As my friends have been just getting drunk and passing out at the house! And I want to go meet some honeys! So send me your addy! Chris Shugart can forward it for you! I’ll check my email later and give you a buzz. Aight, it’s a beautiful day in Portland. Should be warmer too! So we’re gonna hit the pool for a while and then get some fun on!

Nate: The Acropolis totally rules. You’re definitely going to like it there.

Bob and Joel, my friends are pussing out on me and now are saying we aren’t going to the strip club. I want to go dammit! Why don’t one of you guys send me your phone number. I’ll call you up, and you can come get me and take me out to the Acropolis. I also heard the Dolphin is good too. But I want to check one of these places out before I leave. Whopper, I met a cutie today that lives here. She said she can take me out on the town Friday night. She gave me her name and cell phone, so I’ll give her a ring, ring and see what’s up! But that still leaves tonight and tomorrow to do something else. So if any of you T-men in the area want to take me out to a strip club or something, send me an email with your phone number and I’ll give you a buzz! And then we can chill out! I’m gonna go play around for a bit, but I’ll check my email again later. Peace!

Hey Bob,
Sorry, buddy, but the only thing good to come out of OC in the last ten years is the girl’s b-ball team. And guess who ended their streak of dominance? That’s right, Clackamas High School, by far the best SE Portland area.