Poliquin Advice

On Poliquin’s website he recommends for further gains use Colostrum post workout (6 caps) and a protein digestive aid with whole food meals. Based on this website, for the dollar these aren’t worth it. Anyone have opinions, experience, advice?

I am currently using colustrum (about 2 months) and although the dosages arent as high as you mentioned I have noticed no benifits and its the last time I’ll try it.

Try getting colostrum from proteinfactory. Kind of expensive but I don’t think enyone else sells it by a pound. I have not bought colostrum from them myself but I am considering it. I don’t think that what you get from caps is anywhere near effective dosages. I belive you have to get at least 30-50 grams to notice the difference. For that you’d have to down a whole bottle of colostrum pills!

Colostrum and protein digestive aids are total bullshit…have taken different brands to see if they do anything and noticed absolutely nothing. Your body produces all the enzymes you need to break down protein (provided you’re healthy and don’t have a problem), and colostrum is the biggest scam to hit the supplement industry since boron and yam extracts!