When doing plyometrics how long should i rest between sets and shuold i do the plyos as a part of my sprinting or with my weight training?

I would take longer rests between sets of plyometrics, along the lines of 3-5 minutes. Here is my reasoning: plyometrics increase strength through training the stretch shortening cycle. I view the stretch shortening cycle as a primarily neurological mechanism. So i see plyometrics as improving strength through neurological mechanisms rather than increasing muscle mass (although muscle mass increase may occur, i don’t deem it responsible for the primary increase in strength brough on by plyometric training). The nervous system is though to take much longer to recover than your muscular system, so various strength articles and coaches have recommended rest intervals of greater than 3 minutes for neurological recovery between sets.

I would do them as part of my sprinting or as a completely separate workout. Rest about 1 minute in between sets. This way you will be able to recover and still work different muscle fibers with each set.

I would recommend having only 30seconds to a minute rest inbetween stets if u r doiung this for a sport like football or something since that will increase your anaerobic threshold making your body replenish glycogen faster .

it depends.

If you are performing true plyometrics (or shock training as Verkoshansky terms it) every trainer that I have ever read recommends long rest intervals – 3 to 5 minutes. Shock training is very draining on the CNS.

I agree with the 3-5 minute rests. Do you want to increase the number of pushups you do or do you want to rest a minute or less and just get tired?

I hope you are an athlete because if you are not why in the world would you do them (waste of time for muscle growth) if your not an athlete I don’t know why you would be sprinting either. If you are a competitive athlete check your library and I’m sure you can find some great books on the subject (there you can actualy see the credentials of those giveing you advise)

a lot of people with inadequate ideas have lots of credentials, and much of what is taught is not correct. be ware. But in the spirit of what heytey said, get Dr. Yessis’s book on sprinting at elitefts.