Please Rate & Point Out the Weaknesses

Hi, guys!

Stats while taking the pics I’m sharing (below): 84 kg (185 lbs), 172 cm (5.64 ft).
2 targets for my debut show(s) I plan in the following year: 79 kg (175 lbs) & to address my weaknesses.

Divisions I’m interested in are NPC’s middleweight bodybuilding (up to 175 lbs) & classic physique (Div. A: 5.6 ft, up to and including 5.7 ft / up to and including 175 lbs).

I’m not that deep into bodybuilding, I’ve been working out just for myself until now, not to compete - but it’s the right time to change it.

What I’m asking you guys is to assess my current physique and point out the body parts I should focus on in the upcoming bulking phase.

Sorry for blurring out, I value anonymity much, but I hope it won’t affect your assessment :slight_smile:.

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Tagging two experienced members who may provide insight.



@blshaw thanks for the tag, though I don’t think my judgment for this stuff is that great. Too bad Stu, an actual BB judge, no longer posts.

OP: you look good, and you’re huge. I don’t think anything specific is so lagging. I think considering how thick your midsection and legs are, you will eventually have to get your whole torso and arms to match them, even though there is good development there.

Opening up your front double biceps and lat spread can help too.


Why the blackout in places other than face? It totally obstructed a view of your biceps on the side chest view. and front double biceps.

You have some symmetry concerns, but not much can be done about them except to add more muscle.

You are training close enough to contest condition so that you should be able to get into contest definition fairly easily.

IMO, both double biceps poses need your elbows a little higher. Work on being able to move your scapula for a better lat spread and a good most muscular. Your front lat spread needs more lat flare, that is accomplished via your scapula.

Everything is going to look better with more definition.


Yeah I didn’t tag him for that reason. Stu really helped me learn to dial in my nutrition. Does he still offer online coaching? Maybe for OP?

He stopped coaching. When I talk to him, I’ll ask if he’s done with it forever.

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Identifiable tattoos, most likely

And the blackout spot totally masked the shape of his left biceps insertion and his peak of the right biceps.

How could you begin to control that if you’re entering contests?

Thanks for your replies. I didn’t want to suggest anything so that I could get more objective opinions, but the feedback I’m getting on my physique looks like this mostly (90%):

“Wow, your legs are huge!”
“Your lower body is awesome”
“You ain’t so huge in your upper body”

And I agree. Compared to other body parts, I have very small deltoids (and narrow shoulders make it worst). These are round and symmetrical, but small. Arms could be bigger as well to make the physique more complete. The chest and the back are just OK. And I cannot pose, but I will learn :slight_smile:.

Regarding these blackout spots, yes these are covering my tattoos, sorry.

You should have included both front and back relax poses! But from what I can see you need more lat width and calf work, otherwise everything else looks quite good. Good luck!

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Very good physique overall! As for specific areas of improvement to bring more balance: Lats need to be wider to compensate for thick waist and large obliques and create a greater v-taper, deltoids and biceps need to be brought up to better match your triceps, upper chest is a little under-developed and the calves need a bit more mass to keep up with the jumbo quads.

Your conditioning is pretty sick for off-season. You should just jump into a competition this summer and see where the chips fall and get some real Judge feedback.

You should check out “Be Your Own Bodybuilding Coach” by Scott Stevenson on Amazon. It’s a massive book that is absolutely loaded with information, everything you need to know about contest prep and how to plan an off-season. It’s actually even recommended by former Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry. I’ve got the book and it’s gold man.