I wanted everybody to see me too. its not a full body shot but it does show my purdy face.

I can see why they call u Goldberg.

i thought you were older?

Goldberg: Hey, Bro…it would be great if we could all be so complete with our endeavors in life. Ya’ look and sound like a T-Man man to me! (Hey…did you DELIBERATLY fail to mention that on a fairly consistent basis, you get to balance cute little Southern Hotties on the palm of your hand and flip them in the air?..had to mention it, Bro!)

Just curious, Gold…whatcha’ planning on doing after graduation? Sounds to me like you may have a few cool options…

Like you, I’m starting an Exercise Science degree next year. I can see where the nick-name comes from :wink:

Im going to go to occupational therapy school when i gradiate. And please Spencer dont make me older. Im old enough.

Since cheerleading is unheard of in Europe, when I hear that term, I alway think of blonde cuties waying around with those fluffy feathery things during basketball games. To be honest, I was a bit surprised to see Goldie’s pic and realize he is a mean looking mofo. Guys like those work like bouncers where I live. :slight_smile: However, you can see from the look in his eyes that he is harmless and a good soul. >:-))))

Columbus? Where’d you train? I’m on Macon myself and pass through occassionally.

Sasa thanks for the nice comments. I have to fight that all the time. People think im an asshole. Its really hard with girls. they are usually scared so i have to work that much harder. JeffD i work out at the schools fitness center. It has a squat rack which is all i need. I do all my work in it.

Jay, I guess they would like you much more if you were 5 ft 3 in your shoes, weighed 140 lbs soaking wet, had greasy hair, wore a wifebeater and beat the hell out of them from time to time with a bottle of beer… geez… if I hate something I hate prejudice…

Where do you tain in Macon? I go to Mercer U. and train at a small place in Perry (just south). Good to see that some other testosterone lurks in this area the uneducated proletariat refer to as “Middle GA”.

Mercer? No shit. Small world, huh? I go to the Macon Gold’s - contrary to what you expect from a Gold’s, it’ really hardcore - chains, cambered bars, TWO deadlft platforms, etc… If you wanna ever hook up and throw some weight around, post on here and we’ll figure something out. Or if you ever see a guy on a full-suspension mountain bike raising hell on campus, stop him 'cuz its most likely me.

Sasa dont you know thats what girls like. I see that shit everyday.

Hey goldberg you have a big neck. What neck exercises do you do? my neck size seems like its proportionally small to my body. I want to order that head thing for your neck from iron mind but their website is down.

thanks for the compliments. I dont do anything specific for my neck. the one thing that always made my neck sore though was deadlifts. I would get sore all up and down my back all the way to wear the trapezius inserts into the head.

Oh my gosh your huge. How did you get to be so big, ripped, and good looking? NERD ALERT!!!

Nice thickness in your neck, genetics or training? any tips

Damn when i put this on here i was just fucking around. I wasnt looking for any compliments or anything. I do the basic lifts and eat a lot. I have better than average genetics. Ive always been bigger than everyone else but it was more like a general big. Not really muscular. Just big. Ive since lost a lot of fat and look fairly muscular. thank you for all the compliments. i very much appreciate them.