Hey all i was reading on pheromones and was wondering if u all have ever tried them such as androstenone or realm cologne? if so how did they work?

I have a bottle of androstenone that I haven’t opened yet. I was planning on doing it sometime soon. I’ll let you know what happens once I get started.

I’ve tried a few of those; totally worthless far as I’m concerned. It’s ironic that we use these scents which actually mask the scent of our natural pheromones. Men’s pheromones are secreted via the armpits. So deodorant will mask them. On the other hand you don’t want to walk around will smelly pits. Just make sure you are clean and don’t overdo the pit spray and let your own pheromones do their thing.

Do unscented deodorants mask your natural phermones?

unscented deodarants do mask your pheromone secretion. the purpose of deodorants is to prevent any type of perspiration. pheromones travel in your perspiration, so using deodorants, whether scented or not, will block any pheromones to secret.

Back in college a friend of mine tried a cologne called Andron for Men (which I don’t think they make anymore) which claimed to have pheromones. Every time he wore it girls who normally would just say “hi” in the cafeteria line would tend to touch him, or rub up against him. It was amazing. The first time I tried Realm in a club, it had a similar effect, but not since then. (Of course, my dough boy figure probably has something to do with that.) I guess it works on some women, not others. Frankly, I think Realm is a little too strong of a scent, regardless of the pheromones.