Pheromones- Cologne

I have never really been into wearing cologne, but when I hear girls telling other guys how good they smell and talking about what colognes really turn them on, its hard to not want to start wearing some… Anyhow I was thinking about it and I wanted to do something original, not just get the same cologne as everyone else…

Anyhow, I started thinking about pheromones and did some looking around on the internet. I found that most products contain something called androstenone, and some others also contain androstenol. One that I found was called primal instinct, and it contained 5 mg of androstenol per 10 ml bottle. Does anybody know about the validiity of pheromones or have any personal success with them? What is the most potent pheromone product?
Just think of the possibilities, women being attracted to you and not even knowing why? (its not " i really like that scent youre wearing", its more like “im really attracted to you and i dont consciously know why”). If they are legit i think im gonna try some. ANY input is greatly appreciated.

Jason, the Discovery Health channel had a good show on sex and what attracts people to each other the other night. It was pretty good. And it talked about pheromones and how women can sometimes be turned on by the scent of androstene on men at times and then totally turned off the next. In fact, when ovulating, most women will be attracted to a “manly” scent like sweat. But other times, they will be totally turned off by it. It was interesting to see how the nose is such a powerful sense, and it can affect how you are attracted to someone or not. So yes, there is something to it. Now, whether or not these colognes that they sell actually work, I don’t know.

I personally prefer a nice cologne and the way it smells on my skin. And remember, all colognes smell different on each person because of their own pheromones! So what smells good on me, may not smell good on someone else.

Someone once told me that “Dogg Sweat” was the best pheromone, but I just laughed in her face and rolled her over. :slight_smile:


I did some research (right on this board!)and found that the ideal pheromone for Doggs is “Beaver lotion” :wink:

“Beaver lotion” is good. I prefer to eat it before putting it on.

Err…get a cologne… :smiley:

I think people tend to associate a certain smell with the person they are attracted to. For example, there was a certain body lotion my girlfriend used to use and I got used to smelling it, especially when I was getting it on. So, whenever I smell that particular lotion, I get turned on. I think it is mostly a Pavlovian response rather than any pheromone at work.

That is true! Whenever I’m out and about, if I smell a girl wearing Bath n’ Body Works Raspberry lotion, I’m immediately turned on! I like it so much that I use it myself. I’ve also had a friend who used to wear a certain perfume that smelled like roses. That always turned me on when she wore it.