Peanut butter and Egg Sandwich!

Allright T-Men. I have a new recipe. It is very simple and only takes a few minutes to make. Here’s what you need: 2 Eggs, 2 Slices of Wheat Bread, Salt, Smuckers Natural Creamy Peanut butter, Skim Milk. First take one of the slices of bread and spread the peanut butter on it like you would a pb&j sandwhich minus the jelly. Then cook 2 eggs on medium-low for about 5 minutes or so until yolks are to the point where they are thick but there is still a little liquid left in them. then put a little bit of salt on the other slice of bread and then take the eggs off the burner and discard of one of the yolks. it should be cooked enough so it is very easy to seperate the yolk from the white. then place the other egg plus the egg white from the second one on the piece of bread with salt on it and place the peice of bread w/ pb on top of it to make the sandwhich. allow to cool for a few minutes and serve with a big glass of skim milk. there you go, high protein and healthful fat meal that is easy to make. try it and post what you think. my girlfriend thinks it is disquisting and she won’t even try it, but i think it tastes DAMN good, so don’t dis it until you at least try it. also if anyone else has any creative high protein recipes like this, feel free to post them.

That sounds pretty nasty!

Some other stuff thats nasty- I read in Flex a year ago that Ernie Taylor throws 2 cans of tuna in a blender with some 7- UP, and drinks it. Nasty!
Also, I believe it said that he blends a can of tuna with a dozen egg whites, then nukes it.