Peak Week Tips Please!

Looking for some peak week tips i have been trying all sorts of peaking style and none have worked even i worked with pro coaches like Fahkri, Cliff wilson none of them could peak me correct.

I am currently 6 weeks out and not ready but enough lean to do a trial process to see how it works.

Here is my current diet and plan 2day in to depletion phase on keto diet zero carbs.

Protein: 250g
Carbs: trace
Fat. 100g
Water 8 liter
Sodium: 8000mg

Latest carbing up plan havent got me full, Cliff had me on 980g carbs and woke up flat, another coach had me on 500g 3 days and was not full. Something wrong with my body its like i refuse to absorb the carbs when i carb up.

Appreciate any feed back and tips how to go the best way.

Here is morning shot of my condition.

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Tagged some people who may be able to help.

I can’t help, but you look awesome - good job.


I imagine @Bronwen_Blunt or @RT_Nomad could probably help too.


Is that photo as you are now at 6 weeks out of a show?

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Excellent condition for 6 weeks out!

It will be really hard for people here to make appropriate suggestions without knowing more information so the more feedback you can give the better.

Who is your current coach? How many shows have you done together? Sometimes it takes coaches/athletes a few times to get it right… everyone is so different and even if you find something that works perfectly for you for one show it doesn’t necessarily work the same the next time. It’s so important to have a good relationship with your coach and be in constant communication leading up to the show so they can make changes to your plan on the fly when they need to.

Are you able to post some stage pictures from your previous shows?

And a current front and back pose?

Was your condition at 6 weeks in previous shows comparable to now?

How tall are you?
Current weight?
Previous stage weight?

Just throwing out some random questions/requests to try and get more information so the members and coaches can assist you.

Without knowing much about you, but my experience was that carb loading was too unpredictable for me. After a couple less than satisfying outcomes, I gave it up.

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I don’t have any personal advice, but I know of a few that might have some info… not like you exactly need critiquing in your current shape, lortd.
I bring you: Mike Israetel and Jared Feather!

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Here is all info:

Age: 37
lenght: 174
weight morning 78.7kg
Weight night 81.8kg¨

Steroid cycle
Primobolan 300mg week
Test mix 200mg week
Arimidex (started 3 days ago 1mg day)

yes this photo was taken this morning.

No coach this time i am dieting my self.
Previous coaches: Fahkri mubarak, Cliff wilson,

Previous carb ups: 3 day load, 1 day carbbackloading.

  1. high water, medium sodium, high potassium = Flat, dry (980g carbs)
  2. high water, high sodium, normal potassium = soft and flat (total 3 days 1500g)
    3, High water, cut sodium, high potassium = dry and flat (total 3 days 1500)
  3. medium water, 2000mg sodium, 4000mg potassium = very dry but very flat. (total 1 day 450g carbs)

I have done 2 shows both shows i screwed up the last week, flat and soft.
Ill post a front shot i took this morning. frount double biceps.

excuse my scarr on stomach had liver cancer surgery 3 years ago :frowning:

What were your main sources of carbs here?

white rice and potatos.

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Yeah u have watch that one and its seems very intressting to try that style. but how much sodium when carbing up and how much water they dont say those things. and the carbs amount he is saying sound a alot but maybe i need those amount to fill up since my body burns trough the carbs when i eat them.

What was your daily sodium intake before you bumped it up to 8000mg?
Did you lower the sodium back down to your regular daily intake a day before you started the carb load?

How much is your regular daily protein intake? Did you slightly increase it when you dropped the carbs for the depletion? And then drop it back down when the carbs increased?

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Sweet potatoes and yams are another great choice.

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pre sodium load 4000mg
when i carb up i have tried lower, total cut it, and loaded with high sodium. so i have tried all 3 styles.

regular protein 200-250g a day. i increas it slightly when deplete and lower it when carbing up.

I guess I’m not sure how else to interpret this other than exactly what his carbs and sodium intake are. (from the 2nd video)

Your low response to carbs makes me think you need to boost your insulin sensitivity. You going keto for a short term should help improve insulin response, if I am correct.

oh yeah i must have missed that in the video, thanks for finding it.
I wanna give it a try i think but i could spill over my body need lots of calories i have noticed. or i just burn trough it. yeah should help going zero carbs and full body depletion 3 days but when i start eat carbs its just flows trough me hehe weird body. 980g carbs with cliff woke up next day EXACTLY same. 10 liter water and medium sodium. ill find a pre carb and post carb up photo

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7 days out refeed 2 days.
carbs 200g
sodium 5000mg
water load 8 liter

5 days out
sodium: 2500mg
water 8 liter
zero carbs

full plan from cliff wilson peek week.

Next day i woke up i said fuck this shit i gave up, so i went full cheat day, buffee, candy, ice cream you name it and i was not so thirsty maybe total 1.5 liter water full day. still woke up not full but better then day before.

150g fat and 20iu Insulin lantus i saw now that he used. wouldent fat and insulin make you gain fat?

He only pinned insulin 2x which were on the carb loading days, not on his deplete day (carb loading days were 100g fat/day | deplete day was 150g fat/day)

I don’t think that’s how insulin works… Insulin is tied to carbs, as in when you eat carbs - your insulin spikes. I believe the insulin was used on the high carb days just to load the muscles as much as possible before depleting.

Insulin is a fat storage, milos and other proffesionals recommend low fat when use insulin. i tried load on humalog but not with fat in the food, when i look at his video i think my main problem is i need much more calories to fill up as you can see even after a cheatday i was not FULL. could be misstaken.