Pavel vs. Poliquin

If Pavel T & Charles Poliquin got in a fight who would win? They’re both really strong, Poliquin’s got the size advantage (15lbs or so) & black belt in karate, but Pavel probably knows a bunch of stuff from training the Spetsnaz plus he looks a lot meaner.

Um, Poliquin has about 40 pounds on Pavel, not 15. Not that that would make a big difference in a street fight, but let’s admit it-- Pavel barely looks like he lifts weights even with his shirt off.

Well if Pavel knows grappling and submissions then he would beat Poliquin rather easy.

Depends upon the type of fight, in a streetfight no rules etc I’d go for Pavel otherwise Poliquin, eitherway they’d both have me for breakfast.

Never trust a Russian. Pavel would eat Poliquin for breakfast.

I don’t know. I have a hard enough time tyring to keep a straight face whenever Pavel says “Comrade.”

Poliquin knows grappling and ju-jitsu and a few other arts. Plus CP is a bit off his rocker and looks like he could just “snap”. This is kind of a dumb thread, however not the dumbest. No offense Drax. :slight_smile:


depends on if poliquin knows any other martial arts. Oh well i kinda like this thread.

My mommy could kick both their assess. Haa haa I could not resist this is so my daddy could beat up your daddy it cracks me up. Peace, k

charlie could take him no question. He always looks tired in person but he could snap at any minute

I’m taking pavel on this one…just think of all the hardship that russians live through on a daily basis…plus i think pavel’s kinda insane, so he has that on his side as well. I figure poliquin would try to punch it out, but pavel’d deadlift him, then bent-press his ass as a finisher. Long live the evil russian!!!

I don’t know, but I might have to go with Poliquin, simply because Pavel sounds like a bad cartoon villian, and they always lose.:slight_smile:

If someone showed Pavel’s picture to someone who didn’t know who he was, I bet they’d never guess that he deadlifts around 550lbs at 185. I think that he’s a lot more than meets the eye & could mop the floor with Poliquin if he had to.

Through pure strength and probably judo, Poliquin -fellow homeboy Canadian- probably could kick Pavel’s butt. But Pavel’s got those heavy kettlebell’s that he’d toss around at Poliquin Jackie Chan style!


Since we as t-mag readers have to have the latest and greatest knowledge it is imperative that we know who is tougher. Poliquin or Pavel??? Therefore TC you must set up a no holds barred fight between the evil one and Canadian Bacon…urhhhhh CP. Paperview and all. I even got my cheer ready. “Come on Charlie you can to it, crush that Russian theres nothing to it.”

After the fight Poliquin can write his own book called “Beyond 180 Degrees what I did to Pavel’s arms and legs and how you can have the same kind of fun with innocent bystanders”.


Hey keago, I think it’s Pay-Per-View, not paperview. :slight_smile:

You Bastard Bronx!!! Well of course it’s pay-per-view. But this isn’t a proof reading exercise now is it? Alright you got me I’m a dumbass. The scary thing is I reread that thing like 10 times to make sure I didn’t have any spelling errors…well at least I spelled paper right. :slight_smile: