original T2 and thyroid suppression

Hey guys - Ive just completed a search of the forum looking for info on how long original T2 could be taken without suppression of natural thyroid hormone levels. What I found is that it can be taken for a "long time" without any problems. In other words I did not find anything too specific. The dosage protocol says 4 weeks on and then 4 weeks off. Would there be any problems with 6 weeks at 3 caps a day on followed by 2 weeks off and then repeated; or something similar to this? Im not super sensitive to stimulants but I do notice their effect (as original T2 is a slight stimulant).

What about combining the T2 with MD6 - what would be an acceptable length of time to take both. Is there a specific cycling protocol that I have just missed somewhere for these two? Thanks for your help guys.

I think it would be pretty smart to stick to the 4 weeks on, 4 weeks off cycle with T2, regardless of whether MD6 is used. After all, your thyroid isn’t something you want to have slow down.

I’ve experienced the most dramatic fat loss in my life while following this cycle.