Original MD6 versus newer

For those who have tried both, which is better?

The new is much better. The addition of 5-HTP is why I like it. Plus the new stuff gives you more of a kick. Great for pre-workout.

Old MD6 results in less jitters - I have my wife on it and she likes it better since the “jitters” piss her off. Which one is really better as far as effective fat loss? I would guess they are very close - too close to worry about.

I’m using the new MD6 right now and I’m noticing an overhwelming feeling when they kick in. I gave my friend two pills to try before the gym and he couldn’t believe they way they made him feel. The next time we worked out he only wanted one pill instead of two. I find that lifting weights seems to bring out the MD6 more than when I take it on off days.