Old vs new MD 6

I need to lose some weight and was thinking of utilizing methoxy plus MD6. The old MD6 formula is still available via the web. Can anyone comment on how they feel while taking the old formula vs the new i.e. is the newer formula with ephedra more stimulating? Thanks.

The new formula is more stimulating, giving
the expected ephedrine effect.

By the way, where is the old formula available?

The old worked great, but I much prefer the kick of the new formula. I’m also a big fan of 5-HTP which wasn’t in the old version. It really kills the carb cravings.

Bill do you feel that the old MD6 is superior to the new?and if so why? I have noticed some products with Norephedrine on the market…would a combination be optimal. thanks, Mike

The Old formula is available at DPS nutrition 19.95 a bottle. Just got the two bottles I ordered in a few days ago.

I second Mike M’s question–any comments on the effectiveness of the old and new formulas?

DPS Nutrition has the worst customer service I’ve experienced buying supplements!

i think the best way to go would be to buy 2 bottles of each and take 1 of each formula that way you get your sinica and yoiur pure norephedrine mmmm i miss that stuff

try netrition.com…best support, cheapest prices and fastest shipping I’ve ever seen, if I order stuff early Monday morning with normal UPS shipping, about 50% of the time I receive it the next day. Plus volume discounts and free stuff.

I too have 3 bottles of the old formula. I was wondering if I can just take some 5-htp caps when i take the MD6 to reduce carb cravings? If so how much? Thanks

I like to use the new MD6 either pre-workout or early in the day, I use the old formula in the late afternoon, I feel less “jacked” on it. outlaw.

Mike, no, I wouldn’t say that the old
formula is just generally superior, but
if one does not want the ephedrine effect,
then in that situation it is.

I’ve been ordering from DPS for almost a year and have never found lower prices. I always get my order within 3 days. Only had to use customer service once (to change order) with no problems. I think that in order to keep the prices this low they won’t have great customer support (for product questions) and this is fine w/me-if you look around on the net you can find the answer to just about any product question you have. Just curious REM-what problem(s) did you run into?