Opinions on a Supplement?

First of all, I’m new to any supplement and not sure on how to achieve my goal, but started like this.

So i’m 5’8, 173lbs. 2 weeks ago I was 180. My goal is to lose that belly fat and get my washboard stomach back in 8 weeks. I decreased my calories to 1200 a day, run 1 1/2 miles and work out hard.

So now I bout this supplement called Metabolic Thyrolean… It’s a non stimulant which is supposed to keep my metabolism going strong while I’m on my hardcore diet. Therefore losing a little weight and bringing out my muscles in the ab section. Anyone heard of it? Am I doing alright? Any suggestions? I’m desperate to achieve my goal quick and will do anything, you guys seem very knowledge…

No. 1200 calories is very inappropriate for a man even if your goal is to cut down to abs at your size. The goal itself is one many will tell you is a poor one. I won’t myself if that’s what you want to do. But you will most likely lose much of the muscle you have at that amount of calorie. And it’s not very healthy.

Read up on the nutrition articles on this website, especially Berardi and check out Vroom’s beginner thread. Come back with a solid diet and training plan to get critiqued. Once that’s in order, you can worry about a supplement.

[quote]Punu wrote:
My goal is to lose that belly fat and get my washboard stomach back in 8 weeks.

Belly fat - the codeword in every add for every crock o’ shit diet pill ever.

Eat less move more, rocket science.

How’s about “eat more, move more?” Put on some quality mass (to be read as "mostly muscle, with fat), then figure out how low you want to go to get your ideal physique.

That’s a horrible bit of advice.

In that case, eat nothing and exercise all day.

eating only 1200 calories a day is a good way to lose muscle so that your body clings to fat.

When faced with survival or looking good, it’s easy to see what the body will choose. So it will slow metabolism, catabolize muscle, and might leave you just a smaller flabbier version of yourself.

BTW- while this wont’ sound as glamorous as quick, easy, magic, fat melting, etc…
It won’t be quick, it takes time, effort and consistency.

I believe it was Chris Carmichael who said, “if you don’t want to put the effort into achieving your goal, then perhaps you should find a new goal that you have desire for.”
or something like that.

Try eating 1900 calories a day and see what happens, since no one else gave you a number. Monitor the results after 2 weeks and adjust accordingly.

Go to http://www.fitday.com

Free site to log food/ figure how many calories you should eat and get a sense of your current protein/ carb / fat types and fibre in diet . .
Be at 1g/ lb for PRO, split remaining calories between fibrous carb and EFA’S/ monounsaturates mostly . .

If you are eating more than you should, reduce some of the fuel intake (carb or fat) until numbers match

Look to basics like Waterbury’s Total Body Training to keep the metabolism up . .