Opening Winny Amps

Here I am, about 8 days from beginning my cycle. I have just received my Winstrol Depot amps…I was so happy…until I really looked closely. How do you open these things up? Please don’t just laugh at me…laugh at me and then tell me how I go about opening these up. Thank you guys.

There should be a line around the base of the neck of the amp. Use a hacksaw blade and lightly saw where the line is to create an indentation. After you make the indentation, take a small cloth and hold the top of the amp and gently break it off. Just be careful not to cut yourself. NOTE FROM MODERATOR- FINGERNAIL FILES WORK TOO.

Nothing to laugh at friend, we’ve all been there, at least you have the brains to ask before you go get the can opener, or hammer.
Just break off the little thin glass top. I use a twist and pull down to the floor meathod. The glass will break, but don’t worry, any glass fragments won’t be able to be injected because your hypo is too small. Suck up the Juice with your needle and find a nice soft spot. Be sure to use alcohol!

If you like you can even heat the neck alittle with a lighter.

easiest way i think is to use the cap of a pen that fits over the top of the amp. put it over the amp and hold the bottom and snap it off. easy to learn and easy to do. have fun.

Much thanx guys, I kinda felt like an idiot for asking, but I’m glad I know…funny thing was, before I asked, I was gonna do the hammer thing =)