Only the strongest shall survive

Does anyone know how good the following books are?

  1. The Strongest Shall Survive by Bill Starr
  2. Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubrik

I know that the second book is recommended by the T-mag staff but what are your personal opinions. Also, does anyone have any other recommendations regarding the books sold by Ironmind? I am currently on a book collecting spree, having bought about 15 training books in the past 6 months.

Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik is one of the best books on training. I never read Bill Starrs book, but read all of his columns in Ironman mag, and he is pretty good also. Brooks and Bill share alot of the same beliefs (big compound exercises, olympic lifts, 5x5 system, rack work), but Kubik also adds in alot of forearm/grip work, 2-3 inch Barbell work, odd object lifts (sandbags, kegs etc) and strongman type lifts. I dumped all my other training programs (Poliquins, Ian King, POF, Heavy Duty, etc)and concentrate on training programs of Kubik, Randall Strossen, McCallum, Bradley Steiner etc. Not that these other methods dont work for muscle mass or strength, but for me 20 rep squat routines, strongman routines etc have developed me from head to toe with unbelievable usable strength, muscle mass, enduranv=ce than anything else.I still love T-Mag for there advice on supplements, diet and drugs (even though I have never used drugs, I am still interested in how they work). That is the only drawback to me,these guys lack are there advice on supplements and diet. They dont feel supplements work, and that drug use is for bunnies. On that one I disagree with them. Most supplements are a scam, but a few work (Tribex, Androsol, Methoxy-7 etc). Just a side not, Steiner once said in Ironman, how if an olympic lifter were to pay as much attention to the diets as a body builder does, than the olympic lifters would be as big muscle wise. I think 20 rep squat programs, kubiks routines, etc should be the back bone, and when you reach up to a significant mass and strength level, then you should do the typical body builder routine to hone in the physque. BTW all of the books sold by Ironmind are top rate and Kubik also has 5 VHS instructional tapes out that are top notch.

Both are good. I’m currently reading Starr’s book. Keep in mind it was written in the mid-70’s. Plus it has a big nutrition section which is outdated. I’d get Dinosaur training first. Check out Art Dreschler’s Weightlifting Encyclopedia. Ed Coan’s book might be something to look into. There’s a grip book that I might get way down the road.

I’ve only read Arnold’s New Encyclopedia. It has alot of good info but the training suggestions are out of this world. I dont know how the hell any human could work out as much as that man. It’s stupid because his training advise only applies to him.

Thanks guys…i actually received these 2 books today…but was also thinking of getting John McCallum’s Keys To Progress and Rock, Iron Steel by Steve Justa…any thoughts?

On a side note, the worst book i’ve bought so far is Muscle Mechanics by Everett Aaberg…you would not believe some of the wussy exercises he recommends…don’t know why tom incledon recommended this one.

Both are “should” reads. Starr’s is excellent. I disagree with his assertion of the improtance of his “Big Three” but he has his points. Personally I would recommend a big 4 (squats, power cleans, chins, and incline presses), but Starr knows his stuff. He routinely has the best articles in the muscle mags. He was one of the first to recognize the strength, size, and stability benefits of the full squat. As for Dino training… great stuff.

i’m on the first program in keys to progress right now…i was wondering if anyone else has the Mccallum book and what they think of him

I have read John McCallums “Keys To progress”. It is an awesome read. his training advice is excellent, but probably not much different than Brooks or Starrs. But he is a great writer and you will learn alot. Steve Justas book is also great. That guy knows real world strength training!!! Does anyone know where I can get Bradley Steiners weight raining books?

Is the information in Rock Iron Steel practical in relation to equipment, space etc? I was just thinking that maybe things like barrels etc may be hard to find.