One day arm cure

3 weeks ago I posted a question about Poliquin’s “One day arm cure”. I got one reply saying it wouldn’t work. Well I decided there was nothing to lose so I did the program and followed the schedule for meals and workouts.
4 days later my cold upper arm measured a solid 1/4 more. I waited to post my results thinking my arms might have grown from water retention or something, but no almost a month later and at the same BF 7% they still measure the same. I’m not a beginner, I’d been training for 4 years before this. Anyone else have comments positive or negative?

I tried it, right after a diet. I gained 1/2-3/4" on my arms (measuring 3 days later) and added 8lbs and 1-2% bodyfat. I used creatine allso, as the program recomended.
I loved the program :slight_smile:

I’ve done it twice in the past six months. the first time I gained about 5/8 of an inch, the second three months later was a quarter inch gain. I’m 28 and have been training since I was 16. I still have all the gains 2 months out.