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I am sure I am missing a more than a few but I am now totally convinced that a gaggle of B’s is better than 1 or even a few A’s.

This came to me after an AWESOME weekend in Vegas.

I just had to wirte this to say THANK you to all the people I met and that were involved in making this weekend one of the best of my life to date.

Now I really dont want to put these in an order of rank as to which I enjoyed the most or had the largest impact on me so I am simply going to go in order of occurance and try and be brief.

The first new and exciting experience came with yet another B. That of meeting T-Nation contributor David Barr (goofy canadian, large type goofy canadian). It just so happened that when I switched planes in Houston for my last leg on my trip to Sin City I was loaded onto the same plane as David. I introduced myself and from that point on I had a weekend full of Canadian slang, and over sized traps blocking my veiw of the booth babes at times. Thanks a lot for that last one Eh’.

The first B led directly to the next highlight. That of meeting Chris Shugart in person. I was like a giddy school girl. Eyes beaming and rosey red cheeks do to all the excitment. Why CS had the same reaction, that never seemed to fade, I have yet to figure out.

Meeting these two guys on the first night led to an interesting weekend to say the least. Full of the best that Vegas had to offer, from bright lights and big shows, to booth babes and bodybuilders. We took it all in. Along the way creating a new type of fat loss targeting cardio I like to call GOYAW. ( Get Off Your Ass and Walk) I would hate to even estimate the mile logged, I found it much easier to count each days distance by the size and amount of blisters on my feet.

Along with the new cardio we created a new diet as well. One that I will now and forever refer to as the Snack and Attack approach. Upon waking you simply consume one small Grow! type beverage along with an optional peice of fruit. You then meet up for a 12 hr session of GOYAW cardio with evenly placed and varied snacks of the next greatest chemical, or more often than not horrible tasting protein bar or MRP. Then at the 12 hour point of exhaustion and starvation you collectively yell out ATTACK, and run HIIT style to and fro from the buffet to your seat. 30 seconds to load a plate then 1 minute of recovery/feeding. You repeat this no less than 12 intervals. Then for the cool off you return to 4-5 more hours of GOYAW cardio, before collapsing in your bed to rest for the next days round of the same. (tip, to make the morning snack less exhaustive and more cost effective pocket some fresh fruit from the buffet and save it for the next morning, a simple apple can run as much as $3 in Vegas)

Strolling the expo there was an experience that should be had by everyone. There was simply no time to stop. It was an endless cycle of walk, stop, oogle, drool, drink/chew, take a breath and repeat. The only pauses coming when either a large group of Booth Babes begged for the longer than standard amount of attention, or some mass of humanity with arms the size of your collective being would get in your way.

As the day drew late there was also a demand for the occasional break. You had to stop and rest your arms from ever increasing load of goodies that were thrown upon you. It was like a bodybuilders halloween, only the candy was replaced with chemicals and candy labeled as protein, and the old hag at the door was replaced by a plethora of the finest fitness babes to ever populate one room. To put it simply I had to check two extra bags on the flight home. Both of which were full of nothing but supplements. I wont be buying creatine till somewhere around 2010 I think.

OK to move on to more fun schtuff and try and be breif and still thank everyone and give the deserved description.

Night three brought on an O-lift demonstartion/hands on seminar with Dan John. My god this coach just beams with enthusiasm and fun and demands the same from you. He had us all bouncing on friggin balls, doing some square dancing squats, and yeilding broom sticks in O-lift fashion. It was taxing, educating and above all fun. I have to say one of the best parts was when he called for and received a volunteer for the tabata protocol front squats. Needless to say the guy who did them looked just as I remember feeling after doing the same.

This session was the topper of the days deit/cardio fiasco and deserved an extra effort at the buffet following. We also wanted to make sure we were fresh and recouped for the seminar the next day. It helped hearing the Dan John dietary approach as well. 2 dozen eggs, 2 lbs of salmon. If your still hungry you can eat whatever you want, and we did.

OK. HUGE thanks to Team Staley, Charles himself, Julliane, all the coaches and Dr.s of various fields. I am not even going to attempt to summarize everything they covered. I KNOW I will not do them justice. I will simply say if you have the means get ahold of them and order the video. You will need it so you can go OVER and OVER all the info… If the camera was able to catch even an inkling of the enthusiasm and dedication these speakers portrayed and demanded it will be well worth it, info. aside. I dont care how dedicated or hard core you think you are. You leave this bad boy recharged with a new energy and enthusiasm for diet and training you have never felt the like of. Just being in the same room with the instructors and all the like minded individuals had an effect all it’s own. Plan your trip and get to one of these. You also get plenty of cool schwag to leave with. Thank you again to all of Team Staley, and all of the presenters.

After the seminar we all had one last send off trip to the Buffet. Did it up as well as we could. Everyone eyeballing what Dr. Lonnie Lowery had on his plate, not wanting to go to far estray under his watchfull eye. The minute he got up to catch his flight the 50 or so people left raced for the buffet filling their plates with every form of junk food known to man. God it was digustingly wonderful seeing people who are normally very watchful and restraint in their dietary approach go balls to the walls for one meal.

Then it was see you later nice to meet you yada yada. Hit the plane home.

Well this is the very short version of an awesome trip. I just wanted to give thanks and recognition to everyone involved. Hope to do it again some time.


Sounds like an incredible time. Good for you.

Yeah I have to say that weekend was an amazing experience. You have to meet Dan John to understand the pure enthusiasm he has for the sport. Being a track coach myself many of his “protocols” will come in handy.
Meeting CS was pretty cool too, I thought he’d be bigger, Barr is a beast though. All in all it was more than worth the loss I took at the blackjack tables. And Phil it was nice to put a face with the name, thanks for the caffeine mints I needed them.


Great post, I couldn’t have said it better. Sounds like you made it home safe, although exhausted I would presume. I hope you are enjoying your oats. I would like to second the THANK YOU to Chris and Dave, as well as, all the Staley people and presenters. It was a great weekend. I enjoyed getting to meet everyone and hopefully we can do it again sometime. Take care.


It is great to see this,along with all the personal emails we have received thus far,it is great to see that everyone really enjoyed this. You guys just wait to see what we have up our sleeves over here… you think this was great,well the next one will blow everyone away. Yep-even before we could put last weekends event to rest we were already involved in the next one! I have a great idea-if you wanted to come to this and didn’t make it but want the videos then email me at julianne@edtsecrets.com and leave me a number to call you at. I am going to let you get this set at the same special price that everyone who attended was offered. I will even do this- I have 10 swag bags left that I will send along to the first 10 of you to take me up on my offer. I will allow this special to go on until the weekend so get to emailing me already-Julianne

Hey Guys,

I have to agree with everyone that posted above about Coach Staley’s latest Bootcamp.

This latest Bootcamp in Las Vegas absolutely ROCKED! There was a great list of presenters at the Bootcamp including Josh Henkin, Keats Sneidman, Pavel, Dan John, Lonnie Lowery, and of course Coach Staley.

The information was top-notch and the presentations were jam-packed with great info. This was the second Coach Staley Bootcamp that I have attended and it was 10 times better than the first one (and the first one was great!).

Josh Henkin and Keats gave a great presentation on “The Myth of Functional Training,” Dan John gave an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING presentation (one of the best presentations I ever heard!) on “Long Term Athletic Preparation,” Lonnie Lowery gave a couple of great talks sharing some nutritional pearls of wisdom, Pavel gave a great presentation called “Strength is a Skill,” and then we were able to pick all of the presenters brains in an informative Question and Answer session.

If you did not attend these videos will be worth investing in just to catch all of the information that these guys poured out of their brains.

Juliane mentioned a discount at the Bootcamp but I am not sure if this is still available. If it is I would take advantage of it while you can.

Based on what Jules and Charles have told be the next Bootcamp will be EVEN BETTER!

I already can’t wait!

Kyle Battis

Damnit Phill! I told Julianne that you took my idea. I was going for some alliteration thing. Knowledge and knockers and knockwurst, or something of that sort. Anyways, this Bootcamp blew me away. It was my first one, and I am planning on the next one now as well. There is so much information and brilliance in seven hours that my head still hurts. Luckily, I got some videos coming. I get to watch the Bootcamp whenever I want. I think everyone should pick up a set. Julianne, thats a hell of a deal! Dan John, Josh Henkin, Keats Snideman, Lonnie Lowery, and Pavel. That’s one hell of a lineup! You may be lucky enough to see the back of my head too! Thank you to everyone who talked to an amateur at this, I learned so much about training and life and everything in between.

Wow Phill, that was indeed a great description! You left a couple of things out though…

  1. Although you were as giddy as a school girl to meet Shugs, you really didn’t have to dress up like one for him. I know it WAS Halloween and all, but you both seemed to enjoy it a little too much.

  2. You are so ripped that Booth Babes were literally throwing supplements (and occasionally themselves) at you! For example, you walked away with a FREE digital watch and didn’t even know it! Don’t forget that you got so much stuff that you actually had to leave some of it behind.

  3. In summary of GOYAW, we probably walked 20 miles each day, including that little walk from downtown to the Strip. Despite the blisters, and 3 hours of sleep a night, you were trooper.

  4. I agree with all about the Staley Bootcamp. It was very well run, and all of the speakers were great. I have a newfound respect for Dan John and Coach Staley, and encourage everyone to attend one of these if possible. They even gave away thousands of dollars in prizes! Thanks to everyone involved, I’m looking forward to the next one!

  5. One thing that most people forget about, is how great it is to meet others in the field. Most of the people at the Bootcamp were T-Nation readers, and all were just really cool. Thanks for the fun all!

  6. Dr. Ryan, thanks for the consult and all the info, but you STOLE my autographed fitness babe pics! UNCOOL man. lol


Hell yes!! It was cool to meet you all as well. Thanks for filling in all the gaps for me as well. I knew I would/did miss a load of things that needed mention and hoped you all would chime in.

But, Dave that bit about me dressing up was supposed to stay under wraps. “Are little secert” remember.

I second, third, fourth… or whatever the jumping on the great deal Julianne is giving on the video. You really cant afford not to get it.

Thanks again all,
Hope to do it again some time.


I almost forgot!!!


While I will agree that, yes, the booth babes were giving me MORE than my fair share of attention and gifts. We both know the real reason. They were doing so just to get at you. By ignoring you and coming after me they had hoped to catch your attention and maybe even evoke a little jealousy.

In short if they ignored you it meant they wanted you. Right??

Atleast that is what you were trying to convince us of. The AWESOME thing is that you got ignored the WHOLE weekend you STUD you. LOL


Hey Guys,

Tony, it was great meeting you and finally putting a face with the name. I’ll see you at the next bootcamp so train hard in the mean time.

Phil and Dave,

I feel bad that I didn’t get to meet you guys. I chatted with Chris briefly but would have liked to get to know you guys as well. Perhaps at the next Bootcamp!

It was a great camp and an interesting city!

I second the “It was great to meet everyone.” It was cool being able to put a name with a face and even seeing all the Coaches and such in person. Sure you see them in pics but that seems to turn out to be a HUGE difference in both Physical presence and being able to put a voice and personality with the words.

Hell yes, maybe next time. As soon as Julianne comes out with the date I am going to do my best to be sure I can go.

Train hard everyone and take the overwhelming message from the Bootcamp into all aspects of training, nutrition, and life. HAVE FUN DAMN IT!!! Bust your ass but enjoy every minute of it.



I did not steal your booth babe photos,you gave them to me to safeguard. I remember you asking me to hold on to “your precious.” However, I’m thinking of charging a ransom (no I will not accept grape Creatine Fuel Nitrate as currency). Also, why are they stuck together?

I must have missed Phil’s schoolgirl outfit because all I remember was the Kid Rock look that he was sporting all weekend. That was the real reason the booth babes liked him so much.

In addition to the GOYAW cardio, you forgot to mention the 4hr farmer’s walk with 30+ pounds of Swag in each hand.

I look forward to hanging out with you guys again.

Dave-pm your address to me and I will send you “your precious.”

take care

I am in the office all day today if any of you want to call me direct about the videos offer. 1-800-519-2492 . This offer that I put up will be good until 11-3 . Really, this is a great deal and we think priceless and I have 4 more swag bags left for any of you takers-Julianne

In keeping with Phil’s B theme: BUMP

So what is the date for the next bootcamp?

We won’t be announcing that for a little bit although it is in the works and promises to be ULTIMATE-Julianne

I think the Ultimate Bootcamp should be in Columbus, Ohio the same weekend as the Arnold.

Julianne has a GREAT phone voice…

wink, wink

It’ll PROBABLY be in Phoenix next October or therabouts.

[quote]Atreides wrote:
So what is the date for the next bootcamp?[/quote]

actually Charles will be at the Arnold and the ULTIMATE will not I can tell you that much. However, who ever does attend the ULTIMATE it will be well worth it no matter what state we put it on in.- And if you want these videos hurry up already-I have 2 swag bags left !!!-Julianne