Oh man BIG problem nothing helps

My left pec is bigger than my right. Its not that apparent under clothes but in the mirror… OH Man. I try to use dumbbells but the left side, the larger side, always ends up getting more sore no matter what I do. I also try using the isolate pec machine on the right side but that hasn’t really helped. This really bugs me and i want a solution. thanks

Sounds like you’ve got some sort of adhesion or other muscular problem that’s preventing your right pec from working properly. Been there myself once. Go see a physio who specialises in deep tissue work, preferably one of the ART practitioners (if you live in the US).

Thanks I’ll look into that when I go home for thanksgiving. Anyone have similar problem that they solved please help!!

Try doing DB bench, one arm at a time, and do 2 reps with the right arm for every one you do for the left.

Is your right delt bigger than your left? If so the problem could stem from poor performance on your chest excercises.It is quite common to see guys twist or lean to one side on the last few difficult reps of a bench press,favouring the pec on one side and the delt on the other side.Ask someone to watch you do a few balls-to-the-wall sets of bench presses and see if this happens.If so,my suggestion would be to concentrate on dumbell work,focus on keeping your shoulder blades pushed back and down against the bench,and do NOT twist under any circumstances.If you honestly cannot complete another rep without leaning to one side to lever the weight up,terminate the set right there and then.Unilateral work is often suggested,but if you don’t correct the technique problem,it will be of little use.A trip to a sports oriented physio or chiro to check out your spinal alignment might be worthwhile too.Hope you make some progress on this,good luck…