hello im just wondering if im overtraning a little bit or not my traning consists of
-9 sets/8 reps bis,tris
-10 sets/8 reps chest
-9 sets /8 reps back
-12 sets/8 reps shoulders
thanks for input on this you guys have

We can’t tell much about your routine from what you wrote, but I wouldn’t think so if those workouts are on different days. It does seem a little boring though, what movements are you doing? Have you read any of the previous issues of this magazine? Do it. Try the Growth Surge Project from the past couple of issues or any of Ian Kings 12-week programs. You will know more than anyone in your gym. Then just apply it and get bigger than everyone in your gym.

I don’t think you should be overtraining with that routine, but I see a few major problems with your breakdown. Where is your leg training? Please don’t say you are one of those “I don’t train legs because I don’t want big legs” guys. Lower body training is what separates the men from the little boys as far as I am concerned. Also, it doesn’t make much sense to be doing more sets for shoulders than for either chest or back. Maybe you are prioritizing shoulders, I don’t know. Give us some more info bro.