Hey guys, I was considering working with a nutritionist who has experience is pre-contest dieting. I just don’t know how to go about finding one. I live in NYC so I’m sure it won’t be tough. Any suggestions? Or any good referals?

I live in NYC too, but judging by the looks of the “top” trainers and fitness enthusiasts who hit the gyms in the area, I don’t think the professional quality is any better. I think you can find everything you need on this website without the cost of a nutritionist to get ripped. You probably know more practical pre-contest dieting than a lot of the nutritionists here anyway.

There is a trainer in NYC named Mike Mejia. He wrote an article here at T-mag once. Do a search for his name and it should come up.

From what I hear, He is an awesome trainer and could rec. a good nutrition person I’m sure.

Mike Mejia’s article is in issue 131.

Nutritionists: Suck they still teach old school Theories.
Anybody thats gonna help you diet for a contest that looks great himself is probably Chemically assisted, In that case all the rules fall out the window. He cant possible help a natural athlete (most of the time)because the struggles you will face he won’t, Like the lowering of Thyroid, Tlevels, GH, Raising of catabolic hormones like cortisol.

In my opinion, Beverly International ranks # 1 in helping Natural Bodybuilders. They represent 1% of Supplement industry but acount for a huge percentage of natural bodybuilders that actaully win and compete. Just email them your stats and goals and they will tailor a diet to you and update it every 3 weeks. I defenitely advise using there aminos supplements, but I like to include tribex and methoxy -7 I find it to be a very anabolic combination.

You know what BT, your right. I can probably write something up myself. I’m going to gather up some info and write out the diet. I’ll post it and I would appreciate any comments and opinions on it.

I’m trying one of Beverly Internationals diets at the moment. I’m doing a mass gaining phase for the next two months. So far its working great. I’m 185lbs at about 5’6" and about 14% bodyfat. They have me on about 3000 calories divided into five meals. Meal #1 -8oz of lean steak 3 whole eggs and a grapefruit. Meal #2 -8oz of lean steak cooked in 2tbsp of olive oil with an orange. Meal #3 an mrp(I’m using GROW! with 5tbsp of heavy cream or 2tbsp of flax seed oil and an orange. Meal #4 repeat meal #3. Meal #5 is 8oz lean steak cooked in 2tbsp of olive oil with 1 or 2 cups of brocalli. All weights given of raw meat. I didn’t think much of the diet when I first read it, but going into my fourth week I’ve gained 6lbs without any supplements. Every week I’ve had sudden unexpected increases in strength. I can’t wait to see what happens with the addition of Androsol. It will be interesting to see what happens when the diet is changed again.

Hey Dave, how did you get the diet. Who do I contact? I’m happy with the muscle I have now. I’m primarily concerned with really leaning out. I’m about 18% body fat now, pretty muscular and want to get down to 13-14% (Oh did I mention I’m a girl). I’m trying a couple of things right now, I guess I was just looking for ideas and suggestions on a full, put together diet (ok, I’m lazy sometimes).

IS…I think that if you are eating a mixed diet, you can switch to a low-carb approach for about a month to achieve your goals without going to extremes. I weigh about 160, so when I want to “easy” diet, I’ll drop to 100 grams of carbs, high protein, and quality fats (mainly fish and/or fish oils). I hate doing aerobics and have found that it has often been counterproductive in the past. So in a nutshell, lift 3-4 times a week and count the carbs…it’s almost too easy except if you crave and binge like I do, then it becomes 2 steps forward and one step back :slight_smile:

BT - funny that you say that because I have decided to go low carb and this definitely does the trick. I will definitely say that at night I’m hungry and during the day I get a bit cranky (or maybe I’m just a bitch). You know what’s the hardest part? Snacks. I study anywhere from 3-5 hours a day and snacking helps me get through the rough study hours. Right now I’m pretty dependant on Protein bars. But how many do you think is safe to have a day. I won’t eat more than 3 a day, but somehow that still doesn’t seem right. I sometimes drink diet coke because it will help suppress the carb cravings but if I’m hungry diet coke doesn’t get me anywhere. I already do cardio 4x’s a week, mostly running. I try and do more intense sprinting workouts than just plain 'ol stay run on the treadmill and just cruise. You know what else has helped lean me out, Plyometrics. Box jumps, and different stair workouts.
Let me know if you have any good suggestions on a low carb diet. Eating the same old shit gets kind of boring (as you know)

  • call the Lift Gym - on 53rd and Lex and ask for Ben Velasquez. He’s expensive but he’s very very good. Tell him I sent ya !!

Nighttime is definitely the toughest for me as well. I’ve also eaten as many as 3 low-carb bars per day. I ate the bulkier solid whole foods in the evenings to control my hunger - cottage cheese, salad (mostly cucumbers and lettuce), lean chicken and beef, etc. Scheduling workouts in the evening helped too - just keep busy. I only binged/cheated while watching TV. Don’t overdo the aerobics, as you will hit a point of diminishing returns and your metabolism slows. Focus on weightlifting…often the exhaustion and ensuing hunger from morning areobics (which only knocked off 400-500 calories anyway) caused me to overeat or fall off the diet wagon later on in the day. I prefer to get more sleep and maintain as much muscle as possible while dieting. And since you’re in school, sleep is probably tough to get. Just stick with it, low-carbing gets easier as time goes on. I remember the days when I felt like I couldn’t even function on as few as 150 grams of carbohydrates per day…Good luck

You can get the diet by looking up Beverly International on the internet. Sign up and they will send you your diet via email. I don’t have the site off hand though…sorry

Dave - I found the website and I guess this works by them giving you a diet and you dropping cash on the supplements, smart idea. So are you doing it without all the supplements? Just wanted to know what you thought of their supplements as compared to say some of Biotest’s. Just wondering, anyway, I’m going to submit my profile and see what they come up with. Thanks for the tip!

Ben Velasquez, Is alright, I met him at a poliquin semniar, and he seems to have nothing to offer except for what he learned from poliquin. and Charles doesn’t no contest prep that well

I use a nutritionist in SoCal who is a “sports nutritionist” - basically, he specializes in athletes, a good percentage of which is body builders. He’s done a mock pre-contest stuff with me, ending in a photo-shoot - it turned out great! Also has a few world-class athletes under his belt (world stick fighting champion, and somebody going to the Isreali olympics for Karate). He does do long distance stuff, and actually has quite a few clients back in the NY area since that’s where he’s from originally. If you can figure out some way for me to get his name/phone number to you, I’d be happy to send it. I know he’s licensed through NASN (National Association of Sports Nutritionist). You can probably do a google search (no, it’s not the same as National association of School Nurses, intriging as it may sound - keep looking), and they can probably point you to somebody in the NY area, or to this guy. Good luck!

I used to live in NYC and still am in contact with many people there. I believe that the following people (in & around NYC) would be able to help you:

Abby Bloch 755-0057

Joy Bauer & Associates 362-0909

Carlon Colker, MD 203-625-9609 (a former comp BB)

Anthony Reilly 516-316-2014

Meredith Liss 746-4415

Mel Broad 439-0153

Well, I hope that this is helpful- Doug K

IS-I prefer biotest supplements, but Beverely has high quality protein and mrp products, but nothing that compares with Biotest when it comes to their other products. The diet I’m doing I was given from a trainer that works with Beverely. When I get to the 12 week mark for my contest I probably will used one of their protein products just because thats what this trainer is used to, but I’ll probably be using something from Biotest.

For all you Beverly International Dieters. I agree they get their bodybuilders into awesome condition, but if you’re interested in following their “main” precontest diet, check out Jay Robbs Fat Burning Diet. You can order it over the net and I believe some book stores carry it. Beverly International even recommends it on their site. It’s basically the diet program that they use for all their athletes for fat loss. I know because I have over a dozen of their newsletters, read their site frequently and have the Fat Burning Diet book. The diet is low carbs with a high carb meal every 3rd and fourth day, and if you notice the Carb-Up meal is exactly the same that Beverly recommends. Check it out, it’s a really great book.

Thanks Flex