John Berardi PLEASE READ!

First I would like to say your Insulin interview and other diet articles have been great. I wanted to ask you about a pre contest diet I use. I also would like your opinion on Injectable Insulin with my plan.

First If I was say 5’10" at 270lbs at around 20%bf. I am on and will be on 2g of Sustanon weekly for the course.


THE GOAL: Drop as much bodyfat as posible while maintaining as much MASS as posible-DUH!THE DIET:

POST WORKOUT: 60G Protein 150g Carbs very little fat. (MRP, ULTRA FUEL, Skim Milk)
15IU Fast Acting Insulin 30 min prior to end of workout.

All other meals (5-6 more) will consist of around 45-60g of protein with some fat from flax, nuts etc.

What would you modify?! Maybe another carb meal with around 30-50g after the post workout?

Again I am just asking for information purposes as I know bodybuilding drugs espec Insulin are dangerous!!!


At a quick glance, this looks pretty good as far as diet (that’s alot of drugs, though note…dont try this at home kids).
As far as the pw drink, you could try Surge instead of the mrp plus ultra fuel sinc surge has a much quicker absorption than mrp. I would change the following: if you decide to stay on the insulin, take the insulin after the workout not 30 min before the end…as you get closer to the show, you may need less insulin and carbs this way. Also, instead of just nuts and flax, eat fish oils also (6g of DHA+EPA). Other than this, it looks good.

Thank you very much John!

Just gotta say you must be one huge son-of-a-bitch at 270. That’s 216# lbm on a 5’10" frame.