HELP! HELP!SUGGESTIONS NEEDED>>>My goal this year is to knock my husband-out w/a new/hard, defined, sculpted me. I have my work cut out,and I’m ready. I was wondering if anyone would recommend a fat burning/MUSCLE building plan. I’m at my perfect weight/maybe I should even gain if I could gain in the right
IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE W/A GOOD SUGGESTION?I know this is a guy sight, but I’m thinking the answer: lies w/the men on this on.

Aaahh, J!

There’s one “Vixen” on this board that can put most of us guys to shame with her knowledge of the game, enthusiasm, and drop-dead good looks…her name is Patricia…I’m sure she can get you started out on the right track!

Motion seconded. Measure is adopted. I’m going to go out on a limp and speculate that Patricia will be one of the first to point out that the differences between training men and women are truly negligible. That is, excluding such anabolic-bombs like Mag10, etc. Yes? No? Maybe?

Way to pass the buck, bro!

J.SanJuan, if you’re already a ‘good’ weight, then you are one-up on a lotta gals wanting to shape up. Keep on reading these forums. I’d also recommend reading back issues of the magazine.

A long with what Patrica says plus…
try this link:

Also back to the main site and type in "dawg school" in the search eng, Blast off is in issue 130. Most of what Chris writes in non-gender based.

Wow, you guys really have lost your edge. I was just sitting back waiting for the flame, and this is all you come up with! Isn’t it sexist not to flame someone who wants to be spoon fed? Anyway, as for the original Q., try looking at the F.A.Q.

I almost never flame. Not worth anyone’s time. I figure if we help people exercise, I’ll be paying fewer tax dollars into health care. If I don’t want to answer, I don’t.

…Is that YOU, Patricia!!!(LOL!)

Seriously…this post hit me a little different than some snotty-nosed know-it-all ("I know my diet is clean…I bench 435…I’m at 1% BF…but I wanna’ get swole! How much Deca should I take?)…and anyway…you know guys…they’re gonna treat the ladies a little different anyway! (smile!)…so SUE me! LOL!!!

I’m with Surprised on this one. J.San., you need to start reading back issues of T-Mag. All the knowledge you want is just waiting for you, and it’s free.

As a start, you might try the Meltdown article. Good luck.

Also she did use the word MUSCLE. IF she would have said “a fat burning/TONE building plan” I think the FLAMES would have been a little higher!! Besides whats wrong with another hard body woman walking around in a T-mag shirt??

Okay - that wasn’t me who posted as “Surprised”. But nevertheless, here I am.

As the others have already mentioned, there is no difference in how a man or woman should train. The differences are often due to individual needs.

But I also have to say is this: you have to do some research. Some reading. You are going to have to do some "legwork" - we can't put it all together for you. Wow, though, these guys were being *ahem* gentlemen here, though....

Once you do some reading, you'll realize something: getting lean ("fat burning") and building muscle are two seperate goals. As a newbie, however, you will see your body composition change positively - more LBM which allow for a faster metabolism, etc.

You can read: FAQ, Heirarchy of Needs by Chris Shugart, How to Build a T-Vixen, Beginner Blast Off Program, ANY or ALL of John Berardi's articles, Foods that Make You Look Good Nekkid, ANY of Ian King's articles, ANY of the Dawg School articles....

And first things first: get your diet in order. Begin a food log. Also, understand something else: what do you mean by "I'm at my perfect weight..."? What is your height/weight/BF %? If you don't know what you're BF% is now, then I suggest you find out. You gotta know where you're starting at to properly lay out your goals. What type of experience, if any, do you have in weight training? Do you have a athletic background? Does your husband train? He could be a good training partner - I train along with my boyfriend - we follow the exact same routine.

Gosh, guys, thanks for the props, too.

Wow! What a response this site is awsome>>>Back to the topic which is me…

ATTN: Ms. Patricia Thanks, for the advice i am starting the “leg-work” today. I do have an athletic back ground. As for my b/f i am unsure of that at the moment.However, this is what i am working w/at the moment:

My:H-5’8" W-135-140lbs. I’m a bit on the thin side for my taste. I was more comfortable at 145-150. i’d like to get firmer/harder?!? This year has been a trying one. And it’s time to get on track.I’m a good eater already, so on that note i’ve got a bit of a head-start. I’ve just got to read-up this week-end.

I’ll starting to read up some of the articles you’ve recommended.And I’ll post as I go. All suggestions are appreciated!! And THANK-YOU! J.

J.San, you’ve just redeemed yourself! A woman who’s 5’8", 135-140 and wants to be heavier?!?!!?!! And I assume from your handle that you might perhaps be on the Latina side…? Be still my beating heart…

Annnnnny question you have, you just let ol’ Uncle Char know, y’hear?

J. SanJaun: YIKES! No need to add a Ms. to the name! At least not yet, maybe not ever. Or maybe when I’m "Grandma Moses"old? Hell, probably not even then, too. :-)))

Great, read the articles that were listed for you, as well as the FAQ. You'll be on your way!