Nutrition Plan for This Workout Program

Hello gentlemen, this is my first time posting in a very long time, so if this is the wrong forum, please let me know and/or move it. I am looking for peri-workout nutrition advice for the program I am starting up.

Cost is honestly not a problem, but I am far from a ‘monster athlete’ so I would hate to be pouring premium into the tank when regular would do just fine.

I did this program years ago, but for a variety of reasons dropped off. I found I can still press my 70lb kettlebell for a triple, and my 90lb for a single (having not touched weights for years, I was surprised), and have worked my way to three pullups at 260lb bw (up from 190lb at my fittest) I am 6’6". Back then, I just drank Surge post workout, and ate a serving of Superfood every day.

This is the ‘Enter the Kettlebell Rite of Passage’, I am doing it more because I know it hit me properly once, and I want to build back to where I was, than because of devotion to the guy who came up with it.

Off Monday
Heavy day (Tuesday) 3 ladders at 70lbs (1 rep per arm, 1 pullup, +1 rep per arm, +1 pullup until you hit the top, then start again at the bottom) to 3 of one arm clean and presses alternating with pullups, working to five ladders to 3, then trying for four at the top of the ladders, then five, program ends when I can do five ladders to five. All performed in 30min or less, with 2-12minutes of swings after.
Off Wednesday
Light day (Thursday) 3 ladders topping at heavy day - 2 (so if my best ladder on my heavy day was to four, my ladders on my light day would be to two), 2-12 minutes of swings at 70% of heavy day
Variety day (Friday) 5x2 deadlifts, ‘variety fun exercises’
Medium day (Saturday) ladders topping at heavy day -1 (so if my best ladder on my heavy day was to four, my medium day would be five ladders to 3), 2-12 minutes of swings at 85% of heavy day.
Variety day (Sunday) 5x2 deadlifts, ‘variety fun exercises’
Off Monday

What would you suggest for peri-workout? I tried GPC while just screwing around and love it, so I’ll do that 40min before my heavy/medium/light day, so I am wondering if there are any other improvements on ‘just drink Surge afterwards’ for peri-workout that I could make. Again, if this program is more appropriate for Surge Workout Fuel (which I doubt), cost is really not a problem, if I should be doing MAG-10 pulse fasts on some of these days, that’s not a problem either, I just need someone to tell me that.

After I get through this, I will probably be back here asking for help designing a real program to meet goals and stuff, I’m doing this program just to prove to myself that i have it together mentally enough to do it again.