Nolvadex + Arimidex

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Do not insult or things like that, we aren’t in kindergarten. We are all trying to learn from eachother. [/quote]

Don’t try to take the higher ground. You have contributed nothing but regurgitated second hand info and yet you saw it fit to insult a knowledgable member, the very person who first gave you the info about SERMS:

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Hi guys,

I just recently discovered that I had quite a hormonal imbalance for some time. I have never used AAS but discovered that I had low T, high E and recently I developed gyno. Yeah, I know, all of a sudden, without using steroids. Probably, the western modern diet and the environmental factors are due to blame.
I started to include far more fats in my diet and I brought out my T from 380 to 720 ng/dl so I figured the low T part of the equation.

Now I want to reverse my gyno and correct my E levels (they were 44 picograms/ml).
I will use a protocol of 40 mg/day Nolvadex + 0.125 mg EOD of Arimidex. That would be for the first week. Then I will use just 20 mg/day Nolvadex + 0.125 mg EOD of Arimidex. How long should I continue using the Nolvadex? Also I plan to do a blood test about 3 weeks into the protocol to see if my Arimidex Dose is enough to half my E levels and to bring them down to an optimum 22 picograms/ml. If not, I will modify my Arimidex dose.

What do you guys say about this protocol? Do you think it is ok? Any side effects that I should expect?[/quote]

i’d recommend raloxifene and aromasin, actually.

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when someone says to use 1 mg/day, it was normal to react like that.[/quote]

Nobody told you to take 1mg/day. You were told your planned dosage was too low and how much adex is CAPABLE of lowering estrogen levels at certain dosages:

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-your A-dex dose is too low. .5 mg to 1 mg/day typically lowers estrogen 50% in men. [/quote]

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So until now I am only on Nolva 40 mg/day. [/quote]

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-there’s simply no clinical evidence that shows it’s a worthwhile idea to take nolva at 40 mg/day. most of the studies are done with 10-20 mg/day. [/quote]

And yet, even after reading the links you posted, you’re still using nolva at 40mg/day.

So, in the end, you went on a silly little round-a-bout only to come back here and post almost exactly the same thing the very poster you insulted told you.

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Please do not give bad advice if you do not know from real experience what you are saying…[/quote]

Bravo. Dumb fuck.