No Monolith or 531 Hardgainers Template in New Book?

Just reread 531 forever again and trying to lay out my training for next six months. No mention of 531 for hardgainers or monolith. Are they leader or anchor templates? I’m an ectomorph and mainly looking for strength and size programs. Appreciate any advice

Both would be leaders.


From what I’ve drawn from the new programming ideas, anything where you don’t reach for a PR and focus more on assistance and supplemental is a leader. When you reach for a PR and tone the other things down, that’s an anchor. However, anyone please correct me if I am wrong.

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I do believe it depends on where you put the volume.

Main lift = high vol (5’s PRO + sup) ; assist = low vol

Main lift = low vol (PR’s) ; assist = high vol

Why would raise the assistance volume in the anchor?

Supplemental volume is lower during anchors, so assistance can get pushed harder.


Ah gotcha. Thanks.

I’m going by memory here but Monolith mixes 5x5/3/1, PR sets, Widowmakers, BBS (up to 15x5 IIRC) and some of the assistance stuff is optional.
This means that on some days it pushes more the main work (anchor), sometimes pushes more the supplemental work (leader) while assistance is left to the trainee’s discretion.
It’s my 0.02 but I see it more like a challenge, you prepare doing 2-3 cycles of something appropriate then run Monolith.
Out of the Forever templates, Pervertor comes to mind, it has things that can prepare you mixing strength and size.
Otherwise, since Monolith is 3 days a week and focuses on squats, deads and press, look up the Full Body templates, there’s a few that do exactly that - focus on squat, deads and press with 100 chins/rows as assistance.
After Monolith, I’d follow up with one cycle of something lighter (5’s Pro + FSL), but that’s just me.

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Thanks for all the replies fellas. I forgot to mention that I have done cycles of BBB from 2nd edition and beyond, triumvirate, bodyweight templates and just planning my training / programming for the next six months. I’m 42 6ft tall and weigh 75kg / 165lbs. I definitely added a little muscle size but need to eat more but not so much to get fat, my age I gotta watch that. Im re-reading the book and just trying to get my head around concepts like volume and intensity and what gives the best strength and size results . Its a fantastic book but a little overwhelming with so many choices!

^^ Thought I’d add to this since it combines my current plans.
I just started Pervertor, running the Leader for 2 Cycles, anchor 1.
Then quite probably Mono after for 2-4

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Hey wolf, do you have a training log? Or, any chance you’ll post some feedback here about your program?
I just began Leviathan, wanted to do Pervertor after that and then try either God is a beast or Monolith

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Training log is on another forum, i’ll be happy to update once I’ve run the first cycle.
So far my only feedback is 10 sets of deadlifts is pretty killer xD

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