Newbie Starting Out

Sorry, I just reread your post (funny how I should talk), yes you have read some.

One thing you wondered about was getting down in body fat. You could calculate your BMR (basal metabolic rate) based on this link:

Try to aim for your diet being 5% fewer calories every day than you need to maintain current body weight (lean tissue).

Also, if you have what you think is a bit of a gut, abdominal work can be helpful. what i do is situps twice a week. Once aiming for twist situps with a weight plate behind my head that challenges me for 4 sets of up to 5 reps EACH side each set. The other day I aim for regular situps with a heavier plate 4 sets of up to 5 reps. I don’t have a decline board at home here like you might at your gym, so that is a bonus if you have that.

When you get closer to an idea of a program, the selection of exercises with instructions and a video how to execute each can be found here:

More ideas as they come.

Edit: Sorry again, I think this link has a better BMR, because it factors in activity level.