New Muscle Pump Coaching

Will there be some type of fit test to run through to get a baseline?

Do we get any instruction videos on how to perform the exercises?

It may be perfect timing. I have a week and a half vacation linked up in about 5 weeks!

You, sir, are an animal. Get out of this man’s way!


Hahaha I meant to say bit! I should’ve proofread!


Sometimes the typo comes out better!

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I just got a new update that My shipment will be arriving early! Now expected to show up on Monday! Let’s do this thing!

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I have a question … could we use the drop sets, so that the break between the three sets / muscle group is shorter and the training for the 9 exercises is in a single session of maximum 1 hour ???

What ingredient in Surge gives you a flush in the face and arms within 5 minutes of drinking the “before” dose?

Likely beta alanine



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Heck yea! LOVE me some beta alanine


It is not quite as strong as niacin, but it comes on much quicker.

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Some people get tingles/flush from beta-alanine.

Sorry, but I don’t understand your question.

We haven’t sent out the workouts.

Each workout will be less than 30 minutes.

You’ll train four body-part blocks per workout.

My kind of workout.

Tim or Dr Darden,

Any recommendations on nutrition during this challenge? I would assume eating in a caloric surplus but any recommendation on how much of a surplus?

We’re going to provide general guidelines in the workout plan that’s probably going out Monday.

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Fantastic! I can’t wait! My order should be here Monday as well!

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My package was just delivered a little while ago! Ready to get started tomorrow.

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