New Member, Great Site!

I’m new to the site (and the concept of TRT) and I just wanted to say hi and that this site is an amazing source of info.

I’m 50, 6’3 and 225. My T level is not bad low 600, but I still feel a lot of the symptoms of low T and would like it to be higher. I guess it’s about my quality of life for the next 30 years. I want to feel as alive as possible.

Men can experience low testosterone if SHBG is elevated high enough, SHBG may be binding up the majority of your testosterone and if it is then the only course of action is TRT. If your testosterone isn’t low then you will feel nothing from TRT.

Low thyroid function can share the same symptoms as low T, don’t accept a doctor’s diagnosis simply because you’re within ranges. You can have thyroid dysfunction being within ranges.

The test was performed by my GP as part of a routine panel, not a TRT specialist. I would like to find a good TRT specialist in my area (Doylestown, PA) to work with.