new mag 10

has anybody tried it and what is the recomended daily dosage?

cant seem to find any info on it. im from canada and its hard to come by. if anyone can help me out that would be apreciated… thanks

Check out the following pervious issues 272 and 273 for this article on the new Mag-10.

Something Bad This Way Comes Part I+II by Chris Shugart

I asked the same question in another thread, but no one responded to it. Don’t know if it’s really more potent. I’d also like to know if the new MAG10 can just be popped open and mixed with a shake, rather then taking it in pill form (I gag on those things, man!).

We’ll see…

The directions are on the label. You can read the label of most Biotest supps by going to the Biotest Superstore. Click on the big fat ad on this page.

If the store doesn’t have that info, it’s 6 capsules a day with 12 (a frontload) on day one. Or you can just take 12 per day if you really want to get anabolic. Don’t take more than that though or you’ll turn green and be forced to star in a really boring movie directed by Ang Lee.

As for opening up the pills, no, just swallow them, sissy. I can pop 6 at once and have swallowed around 10 fish oil caps in a gulp. I’d be an awesome gay guy.

[smiley face and all that]


Do you think T-mag will post studies proving it is really 30% more effective?

Trench, there’s no doubt it is, but you’re right. Hopefully Bill or Tim will write an article about some of the good data they have.

Of course then we’ll get “all you guys do is push Biotest” letters.

Can’t please everyone.

i have finished my first 2 weeks “on” and am 1 week “off” and with the 1000 calorie a day surplus, i went from 212lbs to 228lbs in 2 weeks! Ill be the first to admit that 5lbs were fat though.During the "off phase i have taken my Tribex and M and have lost a few lbs of fat.However, i am only 21 and already produce an ungodly amount of testosterone and i have never used real juice before.

Not to burst your bubble, Chris, but my roommate and I both take 10 fish oil caps at once, 3 times daily. Sometimes more, if necessary.

Chris, I’m soooo glad for you that you can pop so many pills at one sitting. I hear that the Guiness folks are looking to set a record for that event next year…NOT!

Anyways, unlike you, I can’t really swallow pills. Basically, I have so many gag-sensitive nerves bundled in my throat and tounge, that I’ll never be “an awesome gay guy.” Not that this is a bad thing, but in any case…can I just break open the damn pills and dump 'em into a shake (or water), or do I need to stick with the liquid version?

What say you, oh wise man?



Why don’t you quit wasting everyone’s time!? Take them one cap at a time if you have too, if you can’t even do that then fine, take them apart, it’s your money and choice, if you had read the article you’d know that there is a lot of science behind the way those caps are made.


No offense, but I wasn’t asking for anyone’s opinion…I want the facts on this question.

I was asking if the pills would work if broken open and mixed with a liquid. Some pills do, some don’t…having to do with how well the ‘ingredients’ cope with the acidic environment of the stomach. Other pills need to be broken down in the intestinal track (timed-release).

So stop yer yap and spittle about me wasting people’s time…it’s a legit question…and it WAS NOT directed to you.

Peace, out…

Remember, the encapsulated MAG-10 is not just the old formula stuck into capsules. It’s a completely new pharmaceutical technology. See the “Something Bad This Way Comes…” articles for more info.

So, I’d guess you’d screw up the formula and the results by opening up the caps. Call or e-mail Biotest to check.

Swallowing pills is mostly psychological. You can learn to do it if you really want. You’re really limiting yourself by not learning how to do it.

“Swallowing pills is mostly psychological. You can learn to do it if you really want. You’re really limiting yourself by not learning how to do it.”

Chris, I tried the same argument with my ex-girlfriend with regards to, uh…you know what, man!

Notice how I say ex-girlfriend…