Neurotype 1B - Extrovert?

Hi, I am double of my father who also i consider is 1B, but:

  1. Is 1b really extrovert? Both me and father liked to do his own things, don’t like parties, etc. The reason why we don’t participate in parties is that we don’t like wasting time surrounding ourself around guys who their exsistence summarize to words: “drink, eat, sleep”.
    But when we are there we try do dominate, espacially at beginning.

  2. I really learn skills so fast, for example i started doing OLY LIFTING and literally after 3 weeks i lift like a pro, even coach when saw my video can’t belive that i clean and jerk and snatch only one month beacuse form looked like i train minimum half of year.

  3. Second, i run slow, but jump really high, my stretch reflex is so efficient; I was even weaker in half squat rather than atg…

So in a nutshell is 1b extrovert?

  1. And i forgot mention, smoking ciggarettes both me and my father don’t addict us also drinking alcohol (i am done after one ciggarete and doesn’t need to smoke again), but i am stimulus addict; I can’t do anything recreational, i have big tendencies to overdoing it. When i picked something I am trying to become champion at it, for example when i played soccer and wanted add running as a accesory for soccer after one week i wanted to run marathon and beat some serious times, forgoting what was reason why i even start run.
    That’s all.

How would you describe typical 1b?

  1. How he will act at social settings?

  2. Will he prefer being in a group or 1v1 setting or being alone?

  3. Is he thinking about what other thinks of him?

  4. Is he more introvert or extrovert?

  5. Is 1b notice drastic change in personality after adrenaline spike?

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you can be 1B but don’t have the high rate of fast-twitch muscle fibers that typical 1B does

Fairly sure I’m 1A (want to explore this more), nonetheless, fwiw I’m an extravert who spent a significant portion of my life thinking I was actually an introvert as I can be fairly anti-social, constantly wanting to do my own thing etc, so I see no reason why a 1B couldn’t also have an extraverted disposition.