"Neanderthin" diet

A friend gave me a copy of “Neanderthin” by Ray Audette and seems to be a pretty good book. It falls under the heading of “lax keotgenic” (if there were such a heading-just stay with me, ok?) diet by admonishing all starch carbs (pasta, 'taters, rice, grains, yada yada) and eating a truckload of meat, eggs, veggies and some fruit and nuts to go with it. I’m giving it a try and feel pretty good on it so far (I get massive headaches on keto diets). I was just wondering who else has had luck with this way of eating and could tell me about it.

I’ve been eating like this for about 4 years now with great success. I’m diabetic, so this is the best way for me to limit my carb intake. I’ve never read the Neanderthin book, but it sounds like a common low carb diet. The best part about this diet is that it is easy to follow. I can still eat in restaurants. I just get veggies as a side instead of rice or a potato. I eat a lot of nuts for snacks. In less than a year I went from 258 lbs 33% bf with a 40 inch waist to 210 lbs. 9-10% bf with a 33 inch waist (I’m 6’1"). It’s been relatively easy to maintain muscle. You tend to lose inches faster than weight, so I didn’t use the scale to gauge my progress.

Neanderthin' is a great book.It covers what is known as paleolithic’,or hunter-gatherer', eating.This is the diet mankind spent most of his two-and-a-half-million year history eating.Domesticated meats,grains,dairy products,etc. are relatively recent additions to mankind's diet.It is only in the last 10,000 years or so that man has been eating these foods.Researchers believe this is nowhere near long enough for the appropriate genetic adaptive responses to these foods to develop.The main difference between paleolithic eating and Akins-type low carb diets is the type and quality of the foods consumed.Unlike Atkins and the Anabolic Diet’,Neanderthin' emphasises lean wild meats,not saturated fat-laden domesticated meats and meat products like sausages,burgers etc.Unlike most ketogenic-type diets,there is also more emphasis on consuming low-carb cruciferous vegetables,fruits,nuts,seeds and salad greens.Basically you are trying to emulate the diet of the hunter-gatherer civilisations.I feel paleolithic eating is the healthiest way to go low-carb.<P> Here in Australia it's actually quite easy to follow such a diet-rabbit,kangaroo,wallaby,emu,venison,free-range poultry,even crocodile aren't that hard to get down here.Australian seafood is pretty good too.If you can't get hold of wild game meats,Audette(Neanderthin author) recommends lean supermarket cuts. Since dropping the crappy Colgan and Parillo-style high carb,low fat diets years ago,my energy levels are much more stable,no doubt from improved insulin function.Neanderthin’ is pretty much how I eat,and I cannot speak highly enough of the paleolithic style of eating.To turn it into a bodybuilding diet,be sure to add in appropriate post-workout nutrition after you train.
Hope this helps,best of luck.