I’m a chicago police officer and I would like any other cpd officers thoughts on using Nandrosol knowing our current drug policy.

Off topic to your thread, but as a police officer, can you give us a small hint how Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman can be a cop and obviously take huge amounts of drugs himself? Or do most cops think that current steroid laws are a bit harsh? (This seems to be the case in South Africa… a big guy in the gym once told me how a cop stopped him to ask him to get him some roids because he could see that this guy was obviously on them) This isn’t a flame, and I’m not bashing Ronnie… but nobody seems to be able to answer this question.

Do they even test for roids, James? Roids don’t show up on a regular drug tests (like for pot, coke etc.) as far as I know. Besides, Nandrosol is legal so surely this would okay for you to use, right?