Nandrosol half-life

Hey Bill were you ever able to determine how long guys who are competing should be off Nandrosol beofre contest. I know Androsol can be used like up to 2 weeks before the show I think…I know Nandrosol is longer but how much longer should we be off??

-Big D

I wish that we had done that – when I am through with my academic work certainly I will be doing far more research products for Biotest than what I am able to do now – but we have not determined that. Instead we’ve just advised, don’t use Nandrosol if you really and truly are subject to steroid testing (and more than 99%, perhaps 99.9%, of our customers are not – such testing is rare.)

I would assume it could be many months, six months or more. I could be wrong but it certainly seems possible.

With Deca, the half-life of the nandrolone decanoate ester itself is about 7 days. So every month, levels drop to 1/16 what they were the previous month. So 18 months is 2 times 10 to the minus 22 power as much as to start with. In other words, when there is less than one molecule in the body (if the levels were really dropping according to this formula) only then are you right at the threshold of detecting nandrolone in the urine.

In fact, the sensitivity is not so good as to detect a single molecule.

So, something is going on with a much longer half life – that’s the only way drug could still be present at a year or longer. This presumably is by conversion to the stearate ester, a known metabolic process for steroid molecules. This ester would have a much longer half life than the decanoate.

Now, the decanoate ester cannot convert to the stearate, except via first being converted to nandrolone.

Nandrosol use probably gets blood nandrolone levels up to only 1/8 or so what Deca does. So, perhaps only 1/8 or so as much nandrolone stearate is formed, so you would clear the test 3 half lives (of the stearate) sooner. So that’s what, maybe 3 months sooner?

That could be all wrong. Maybe somehow it is far faster. But it seems a reasonable prediction that it could be very long.