Nandrosol dosing

Just got a bottle of nandrosol in the mail. Wanted some feedback. Do you think I will get better results using the high dose(140 sprays a day) for 2 weeks or half the dose (70 sprays) for 4 straight weeks?

I’d do the full dosage.

It’s six of one, half a dozen of the other.
Either approach is perfectly fine. If there’s a small advantage of one way over the other, I don’t know what direction it is.

I agree - do the full dose for 3-4weeks.

Thanks. I’ll do the full for 2 weeks and see it goes.

I have read androstendiol is 95% as anabolic as testosterone. Is it even close to accurate to say that nor-androstendiol is 95% as anabolic an nandrolone?

If I recall correctly the results from animal assays were something like 70%, however, the margin of error in these studies is so great that all you can say is that the two, nor-4-AD and testosterone, are close to each other, not which one is necessarily greater. (In other words, a second study might give the reverse results comparing the too, based on how often that has happened with other steroids that were that close.)