N-17E liver toxic?

Will N-17E be liver toxic at all? Well, obviously Biotest would not release it if it were outright toxic but I’m just asking since virtually anything ingested orally must be processed by the liver. Frankly, high dose (1-2 g) oral 4-AD works a little better for me than Androsol but in light of potential problems of oral ingestion especially considering purity issues as well, I use Androsol instead.
BTW, is that amount of oral 4-AD toxic?

While oral steroids are generally liver
toxic, the reason for the toxicity is not
that they’re orally absorbed: that has
nothing to do with it. They’re equally
liver toxic when injected. Either way,
they are making repeated passes through
the live, and will eventually be metabolized
and excreted exactly the same number of
times by either route. Namely once (unless
enterohepatic recycling occurs, in which case
it can be more, but toxicity again is equal.)

No, the reason for the correlation between
liver toxicity and oral use is because most
oral steroids are 17-alkylated, and that is
the cause of the toxicity. Those oral steroids
which are not 17-alkylated, e.g. Primobolan
and Proviron, are not liver toxic and neither
are T-17E or N-17E.