My Low Carb Diet - opinions please

I’ve started a low carb diet this week, it’s not as low as the other diets because of all the other activities I do.

Please don’t refer me to the T-dawg diet, Fat Fast diet, because I’ve read them. Just need opinions from people who have experience.

My activites consists of:
Weight Training

Weight Training,


Weight Training

Basically, I’m 210lb, approx 12%BF. I want to get to 8%BF. My diet is 2000calories consisting of

*Saturday is a free day, take ALA 200mg 3 times
*ECA is used 2-3 times a day (everyday), except Saturday,

130g Carbs (25-30%),
200g Protein (35-40%),
??g of Fat (25??%)

My six meals are:

60g Oatmeal
250ml lite soy milk (I don’t take milk well)
40g Whey Protein Concentrate (30g protein),

100g White Rice,
100g Tuna in canola oil (drained),
1Table Spoon Olive Oil,

100g White Rice,
100g Tuna in canola oil (drained),
1Table Spoon Olive Oil,

Meal4: (This would post workout)
40g Whey Protein Concentrate (30g protein)
250ml lite soy milk,

100g Tuna in canola oil (drained),

40g Whey Protein Concentrate (30g protein),

Please make comments and suggestions to this diet.

I also have a few questions: * Is it good to use Olive Oil, or should I use some other oil (maybe fishoil capsules)? * I was thinking of using Sunday as a free day as well, however eating low carbs. Comments? * What do you think of my ALA usage? I was thinking of using it during the week, but the damn things pretty expensive. * Any suggestions for alternate meats other than tuna and chicken? I was thinking of canned Salmon.

For God’s sake, get rid of the freakin’ soy! Search T-mag for the numerous reasons why.

At that excessively low calorie intake level, I think you’re going to lose a lot of muscle. A good rule of thumb is to multiply your body weight by 12 for a “cutting” phase. This would put you at 2,500 calories a day.

Also, you might want to bump your ALA usage up to 1,000 mg if you’re really going to go crazy with carbs on Saturday.

The only advice I can give is to eat most of your carbs after working out instead of in the morning.

Use rice milk instead of the soy milk. You should also substitute Flax or Udo’s choice for the olive oil.

My understading was that even in low-carb diet plans, it is adviseable to consume large quantities of high-GI carbs immediately after a workout anyway, such as dextrose or maltodextrin. My understanding has also been that in this context, such consumption would be beneficial to muscle health and would not be fattening. Is my understanding correct, and would that be good advice to add to this guy’s inquiry?

Rice milk is full of carbs

By taking in the small-but-not-small-enough amount of carbs that you mention throughout the day, you don’t allow your body to make the shift from living off of glucose to living off fat. Instead, your body thinks it should be consuming carbs, but it just isn’t getting enough of them. Try taking 2-3 days completely off starches (have a spinach salad or some steamed veggies for the vitamins and fiber), then add a high GI post-workout drink after that. You need to force your body to make a metabolic shift.