My ideal body

Hey guys- many of us are truly stuck in a full time job, full time family obligations, etc. . .so i sometimes wonder what a reasonable goal is of ourselves. Currently, I’m 6’ and about 215 . .solid but not cut. I read the current issue (print) of T-mag and perused all the diets- it just ain’t gonna happen. So here’s what I think I can do- keep the maels to foods that I can hunt or grow (natural stuff), pre and post shakes with back up from methoxy 7 and Tribes (I’m going to give mag 10 a try too). Workouts are three heavy basics- torso day, arm day, leg day . . 50 minutes, pyramided.
All this said- what have I constructed as my “achieable goal” ? . .the pro wrestler look I think. Defined a bit but defintely strong and looking the part . . I’d like to go from 215 to 225- at 6 foot . .waist is 34 . .maybe drop to 33 ? chest is 46-47 . .maybe get to 48 ?
Am I alone in this “sobering” of goals ? . .or is it typical of the 37 year old beginning to realize . . LOL
Take care all
Mike D

You can do with yourself whatever you want because the only thing that will most like limit you is - yourself. There are no reasons for quitting, just excuses. I personally think that hovering between 10 and 15 % bf during bulking and cutting cycles while achieveing more favourabla muscle/fat ratio is very acceptable. Rely on the looks and not the scale or calipers though. If you can easily achieve low bodyfat levels, you might go lower, I am just saying what I think will work for me. Being cut is just not meant for everybody with major effor - and why? Are you going to start stripping at 37 or doing Calvin Klein commercials? :slight_smile: I could load on 150 ug T3, 3 g of testosterone and megadoses of clen and become a muscle monster in the next year - but why should I do that? All things in moderation.

Well said buddy- never considered the drug stacking in the picture but your point is taken. Sometimes a trainer needs a trainer
-Thanks bro’