My Fat Loss is Stuck

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jonny142 wrote:
Ok well iv lost a significant amount of fat since I started training, when I started paying more attention to my diet I mainly used a low carb approach, I multiplied my bodyweight by 10 and then used 80% of this value.

From this is divided the calories from each macronutrient as follows: protein 45%, carbs 20% and fat 35% I used food sources such as lean meats, some dairy, whey supplements, flax, olive oil, oats, wholemeal toast, assorted green veg. The problem I have with such approaches is that I become very alienated quicky as I seem to see no real progress.

I, much like you did seem to have convinced myself that I simply to not have the genetic makeup to maintain a level of bodyfat less than 10%. I feel the reasons I fail in my progress is that I crave sugary foods as a result of being frequently hungry. Am I approaching this the right way. Thanks

I thought that I was not built to be lean, yet I walk year round at 8% bodyfat or less without even being superstrict anymore.

The big problem is that getting lean and muscular is an emotional issue; we want that body RIGHT NOW, and the slightest delay in results really kills our motivation.

The thing is that fat loss, just like muscle growth and strength gains, is not a linear process. For a period of time you might go a few weeks of doing everything perfectly without losing any weight or fat, then all of a sudden you’ll drop 7lbs in 5 days!

If you lose motivation when fat loss stops and you either give up or binge eat, you will never see that 7lbs in 5 days period (or something like that).

Keep plugging, DON’T EAT SCRAP TO FILL AN EMOTIONAL VOID WHEN PROGRESS SLOWS DOWN, train hard. Do this for long enough and you WILL get lean.

But if every few days or week you fall off the wagon and indulge in some sweets, forget about reaching your goals.

My recommendation is this:

  • All day (except right before the workout) eat only animal flesh and green veggies (no, nothing else)

  • Only drink water, coffee, tea, crystal light and maybe an occasional no calories soft drink. You’d be surprised to know many people completely screw up their diet by consuming tons of sugar/calories from their drinks. ONLY HAVE DRINKS WITH NO CALORIES (except for protein shakes).

  • Take 15g of fish oil per day

  • Ingest your carbs (around 100g) during the pre-workout period (half 30 minutes before the workout and half 15 minutes before) along with protein

Do that for 30 days straight and you’ll get results. NO CHEATING UNTIL THE END OF THOSE 30 DAYS.

Can you comment on the emotional void when wanting to gain a ridiculous amount of muscle mass?


My fat loss stops, so it’s the moment to do a reset. I have to lose a few pounds more, but theoretically I should start weeks 11 and 12 of Get Jacked.

My only carbs are from SWF and a cheat meal on Sundays (only rice and some protein). After all training of Get Jacked Iâ??ve decided introduce a second cheat meal after arms workout in the second blitz week. Anyway, Weeks ago my fat loss is stopped but my muscular appearance is amazing (from my point of view) and Iâ??m improving certain weakness. I have to say Iâ??m feeling so good and I do a third week of blitz phase and I’m increasing weights!

I’m only eating 1.5 g/lb protein and 0.5 g/lb of fat and I canâ??t loss both fat and weight.

I know I’m very carb sensitive as I have my subscap skin fold too high and for this reason I’m a bit afraid to do a reset of my body eating carbs and bump up my calories to maintenance level. And I’m going to drop HOT-ROX Extreme too.

How should I do a reset to come back to attack my body fat? If you recommend eat around 80 -90 grams of fat I don’t know how increase calories.

With so few calories, how is it possible I can’t lose weight and fat?

And I have a problem with SWF. I have very few scoops, and it takes me too long to arrive the order. If I increase in these weeks carbs around the workout, how can I do it?