My Cycle With PCT

Ive been lifting for about 6 years and have been thinking about doing a cycle for a couple of years but wanted to get all my information right. I believe that i am close to my genetic potential but would like to see what a cycle could do for me. Im currently 6’ 193lbs 12% bf. For my first cycle i would just like to do a test-e dbol cycle. Run it 10 weeks with 4 weeks of pct

1-5 25mg dbol ed
1-10 500mg test-e 250mg mon 250mg thurs
1-10 10mg nolva ed
11 40mg nolva ed
12 30mg nolva ed
13 20mg nolva ed
14 10mg nolva ed

Let me know what u think of this and if the nolva is overkill, but i had a little problem with gyno in my teens so dont want it to come back

anyone please need feedback

This looks like a traditional 1st cycle. 5 Weeks of DBOL may be a bit to much, I would drop it to a max of 4. Nolva is fine to use ED I did too when I first started, however you might try and run this w/o Nolva since it will impact IGF levels and w 4 weeks of dbol your estrogen levels will need to be dealt with. Maybe a better choice would be Armidex, Femara or Aromasin and save the Nolva for PCT. Also, w 4 to 5weeks of dbol, you will be totally shut down so you may want to consider some HCG either throughout the cycle at low doses or at 10 days right around the time of your last inject.

Here is an alternative cycle for you to consider:

I am in favor of short cycles. 10 Weeks of Test E is really 12 weeks since the test will be active for about 2 weeks after your last shot. Research indicates that AAS provide gains for 4-6 weeks and then they plateau due to the body trying to reestablish homeostasis by raising estrogen and cortisol levels. Here is how I would construct your short cycle:

Dbol Day 1-10 at these doses down ramping 40,40,40,30,30,30,20,20,20,20

The dbol is set this way so that as the Test E becomes active the dbol is tapering off.

Test E Day 1-10 250 MG EOD or if convenient 125 mg ED. At your size of 193 lbs, you may even get great results at 125 MG EOD. Wouldn’t you want to use the least amount as possible to get gains?

Deca/NPP/Primo Day 11-21 at 250 MG EOD or again maybe even at 125 MG EOD.

These substances are more anabolic where the Test E and Dbol are androgenic. The strategy here is to have the cycle last for no longer than 30 days or so, w the first half androgenic and the second half anabolic.

Day 15 to 43- 28 total days.

Clomid 100 MGs for 5 days followed by 50 MGs for 10 days.

Arimidex at 1.0 MG EOD

Cortisol Inhibitor Metopirone, Cytraden, etc if you can get them. If not you could try some OTC herbs that inhibit cortisol.

The goal here is that when your cycle ends, your estrogen and cortisol levels are at or slightly below normal. If not you will lose some of your gains. Plus high estrogen levels will make you fat, cause Gyno and bloat.

At day 43 if you followed this plan you are ready to go again becasue you will have normal levels. If your gains are 10 to 20 lbs, then consider bumping the doses in small incremental amount on the next cycle, like say 25 % or if you want to be conservative bump them only 10 %.

If you want to learn more about these cycles check out Building the Perfect Beast by Author Rea. There was a link I posted some months back in this forum. I have run these short cycles and love them.

Now you may not BLOW UP using this method, but if you want solid steady gains that you keep then give it a try.

thanks ill look into that