My bulking cycle

Ok, my 6 week bulking cycle is over now. I started at a pretty lean 185 6 foot stud and now I’m a 215 fat bastard. I decided to eat like Lee Priest (ie anything and everything I ate all day long) although I did get over 2 grams of protein per lb of bodyweight. Training involved 100/100 routine and Get Buffed by King. Used 2 Tbs of Methoxy and full dosage of Androsol. I’m sure I’ve gained alot of muscle (bench was 215x2 now is 225x5) but I’m embarrased to wear a wife beater now (increased blubber due to Lee Priest bulking style). Any comments, thoughts on what I should do next time etc?

JB; At this point, I would think that most of the gang would recommend “Don’t Diet” and Cardio. (There is a current thread on-going with a “Don’t Diet” Support Group). Monitor your weight loss closely (you don’t want to lose ALL that hard earned muscle!)and also refer to JB’s thread “Diet Over” (you’ll get a good idea of resonable expectations).

Yeah, 6 weeks isn’t bulking cycle. Its a water and fat retention cycle. 30 lbs in 6 weeks? How much of that do you really think is muscle? And your strength gain isn’t impressive. You went from benching 30lbs more than bodyweight for 2 reps to benching 10 lbs more than bodyweight for 5 reps. In other words, if you could bench 195 5xs at 185lbs BW, you didn’t make any gain at all. Your strength just stayed even with your bodyweight. To put it another way, looks like you’ll have to hit 300 lbs if you ever want to bench over 300.
Next time, take several months to bulk up. 4 to 6 months would be ideal. And don’t try to add more than a pound of bodyweight a week.

Guys like Lee Priest can do that kind of bulking because they have outside help. Five pounds a week is pretty gross, no effence. What you are going to probably be doing now is a 6 week cutting phase and your just gonna end up at 185 where you started…When you get there, try to put on like a pound a week…at the most for six weeks. you will be much happier with those results, althought it is rather fun to go on a bindg like that now and then, but 30 lbs in 6 weeks… I have a friend that just was in a bodybuilding comp 3 weeks ago (which he won) He went in wieghting 198…and he worked his ass of for months to get in that shape…I sware to god, three weeks later he is 235. And Monday he starts dieting down for another comp. in eight weeks. Why do poeple do that to thier selves. It has got to be a shock to there damn cardiovastualr system, not to mention everything else…