Muscle Soreness and Lack of Gains

Until a few years ago, I could hit the weights twice a week and make great progress (by my standards).

I stopped exercising two years and put on fifty pounds of “relationship fat” (I’m 200 lbs, 5’ 9").

I’m trying to get back into shape and suddenly it’s an uphill battle. It’s been a couple of months, and I’m getting nowhere.

I’m almost 40 and my body doesn’t respond to workouts like it used to. Even a relaxed workout leaves my muscles sore for days, and I don’t see much strength or size.

My metabolism doesn’t budge. It increases during the workout day, but then returns to normal (in the past, it would stay high, even as much as 3x normal).

I have low T but have a prescription that compensates. I’m also keeping my E2 under control with liquidex.

My diet is high in protein (chicken and pork; casein is the main supplement, not whey), though not well balanced with vegetables. But that wasn’t a problem in the past.

Does anyone have advice?


Let me be more specific:

How should workout/diet approaches be adjusted for older guys?

What do you mean when you say your metabolism “increases during the workout day, but then returns to normal”? How are you defining/measuring your metabolism?