Morning v Afternoon workouts

I hope you can follow what I mean, to get stronger, bigger etc. intensity is vital right? Well on early morning workouts I can’t use as bigger weights as I can at 5pm, does the fact that I am using as much effort have the same impact as if I were training later with a bigger weight?

Poliquin has an article on how to workout in the morning. One of the things is wake up 2 hours before your workout and eat a meal. Do a search for the article.

I usually get up and hit the gym around 5:00am on weekdays. They feel a bit sluggish when compared my weekend workouts (9:00am sat, 11:00am sun). I guess being awake for a while and getting a bit to eat before helps me out. The ability to push more iron around later in the day possibly leading to faster gains may be a justification enough for ditching the early morning workout. That’s something I will need to explore. But one thing is for sure, I NEVER workout in the evenings unless it just can’t be avoided. The obvious reasons for this is that it’s way too crowded and I am too wired to sleep afterwards. But more importantly is that my post workout meals and water intake are critical. My water intake for several hours post needs to be at maximum levels to transport the cellular debris out of my system and maintain proper cell hydration. Unless I want to wake up every hour and chug down large volumes of water the dead cell tissue just sits there and stews all night so that I hurt like hell the next day. Plus an insulin spiking post workout meal is not something I want to have in the evening just before bed. This is my take on it and how I justify the oftentimes sluggish morning workouts, but then hey, we are all different so your mileage may vary.

Thanks for the feedback guys, I will check out the Poloquin article, but a meal 2 hours before a workout? Breakfast at 4am!! Wow that moves me from family weirdo to the rubber room with the backwards jacket. My question was more of a philosophical /physical question as to whether the lower weight used in the morning was counteracted by the intensity required following just waking up.

I have worked out both in the evening and in hte morning, and have found the exact same issue…poundages were down about 5 to 10% in the AM. What I discovered however was a good 20 to 25 minute warmup…light jog around the block…shoot some hoops for a few minutes…anything to get the blood pumping, and my weights worked out the same as my evening workout. I have no idea if this is because tendons tighten up at night or what…honestly I have no clue, however, I did find a good hard warmup remedied the situation

I would say that using less weight, even though effort is the same, is less productive. For example, it is benefical to do a heavy single or double before a higher rep set because of the neural arousal. If effort was the only important factor, there would be no reason for the heavy single or double. I always workout in the afternoon because I seem stronger then as well.