More splits

Posted a few days ago, and got mixed responses, so I figured I’d post again and be clearer. My best results have come when I’ve worked out five days per week, resting Mondays and Thursday. I prefer to keep it to one major bodypart per day, and really focus my attention on doing it right and getting out of the gym with 45-50 minutes (excluding warmup, stretching, etc.). I have two questions. First, how many sets do you think is optimal for stimulating hypertrophy without overtraining (while being enough to prevent atrophy before the next session)? I have been using 10 at the most for large muscle groups, and 6-8 for the smaller ones. Second, what do you think is the ideal split for this scenario? I know one Poliquin five-days-a-week split was Day 1: Back/Calves, Day 2: Chest, Day 3: Hams/Abs, Day 4: Shoulders, Arms, Day 5: Quads, Calves, Days 6 and 7: OFF. I don’t much like the idea of training five days straight or training Back right before Chest. I’m definitely open to suggestions. Thanks.

Have a look on the mag site for Bring on the Pain by Ian King, you’ll find it in current year previous issues about Mrch, April. In the first article IK talks about training age affecting reps req’d etc read that it may help.