Money saving ideas on food for a poor ass highschool teen

Anyone out there got some good advice, (like how to get some extra protein from combining certain foods), for us poor students in the iron world who can’t afford to buy a great deal of good food?, let alone supps of any kind.

You can grow quite well on a diet consisting almost entirely of eggs and milk, an occasional piece of fruit or vegetable, and a multi-vitamin. cost of a dozen eggs and a gallon of milk is about the same as 2 MRP’s.

cheap whey protein and whole milk is pretty cheap per gram of protein. Also buy cheap cuts of steak, pork and chicken, never pay more than 2.50 a pound, buy savings packs, but don’t buy the meat that’s got the discount for being old. Can u say mad cow?

J - hey bud, my daily diet consists primarily of a bottle of water mixed with ‘Skim Milk Powder’ and Sustagen. The skim is fairly cheap, amino-acid profile not too far of whey protein, and you can make a meal of it with as many calories as you need. It’s also handy to get old soft-drink bottles of various sized to put it in, keep it in the fridge for when you need, or just take it frozen up a bit to wherever you gotta go.

I find it WAY easier to drink the calories than eat them anyway, when I start getting around the 3000 calorie mark that is.

Eggs, eggs, eggs. Vegetables. Eggs.

Actually, I have about 4-5 of these bottles. I used to have a lot of eggs like the others are saying, but it got a bit expensive for me and I just hate cooking them… plus you get decent carbs with the skim.

Best to take a mix of ‘skim and eggs’ throughout the day I’d say.

Jack Mackerel.

I had an old girlfriend who was a dietician and we used to argue over supplements for hours, she said you didn’t need them, I said you did especially because you’re more active than an average sendentary individual. Well, the only thing that was good that came out of her mouth was to use dehydrated milk to increase your calories instead of protein shakes. I don’t neccesarily agree with this, but it is cheap and it will add calories to your diet, i’m not sure about the taste, cause’ I haven’t tried it. Hope this helps.

eggs, milk, tuna, granola, veggies

I assume you live at home since you are in high school. So get your parents to buy plenty of the basics: Milk, cheese, tuna, chicken, beef, eggs, pork, fish, peanut butter, beans, nuts, cottage cheese, yogurt, vegetables, fruits, some pasta, wheat breads, whole-grain rice, etc. With all of the above, you have a staple diet. If you plan on using supplements, then stick with the basics (multivitamin, vit c & e, fish oils, ZMA). Most can be bought in large quantities and are fairly inexpensive. The only thing I would recommend above and beyond that is Surge, if you can afford it.

Just be sure to include some sort of protein-containing food at each meal. Eating is a pretty simple thing. If you want to grow, eat more calories than you burn. If you want to get lean, take in less than you burn. Eat 4-6 times a day, approximately every 2-3 hours a part. Just eat all the above types of foods, and you're good to go! As for powdered milk, it is one of the most disgusting things I have ever tried. But if you can stomach it, go for it!

ok so im not a broke ass teen i make good money but ive been where your at. you have 2 options steal a credit card or just get the basics i opted to get the basics but the credit card one is a risky way to end up with free meals and anal sex. anyways all joking aside buy the cheapest tuna ever! like 25 cents a can. buy a case at a time. spice it up with some mustard relish and some fat free mayo and go to town everything in steve berardis article on eating ideas is rather cheap. so once again tuna tuna and eggs and more eggs some beef for pure calories creatine and othere things this awesome thing i call beef gives us. hope this helps

I find the powdered skim milk to be pretty good when you mix it with Sustagen or Milo(Ozzie product). Obviously it’s not as good as the commercial chocolate milks out there, but it’s still easily drinkable. And it’s easy to up your calories in a big way too…

everyone here has given you excellent sources for obtaining complete protein (aka sources with a complete mix of essential amino acids like milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, poultry, fish, …) … but your question hints at wanting to know food “combinations” that will give you protein (you likely mean complete protein) … generally, a way to do this is to combine legumes with grains, or legumes with seeds&nuts
your essential amino acids are: histidine, isoleucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine… with this in mind, legumes are HIGH in both isoleucine + lysine but LOW in tryptophan + methionine, whereas grains are HIGH in tryptophan + methionine but LOW in isoleucine + lysine … ie by combining the two you obtain complete protein. for example: combine beans and whole wheat bread.

I know this response is likely more information than what you were asking for, but maybe by knowing why you are combining these foods it’ll be easy to remember … besides I had some time to kill at work.