Misbalanced Shoulders/Arms??

Would it be considered of being misbalanced proportions if the delts are smaller than the upper arms? I ask this because I have 15.6" upper arms and 15.4" delts. I’ve always suspected myself of having weak delts as everybody seems to be able to kill me in shoulder lifts, but not in any other lifts. Should this be of any concern to me, in other words should I start a delt oriented training program to correct this misbalance? On another note, I heard about Ian King having a arms/delts program like the great guns one but including the delts, however I went to his website and couldn’t find it. Anybody know where to find this? Thanks.

I’d say there’s some misbalance going on there, because most people’s delts are proportionally as strong as their bench presses… do you have shoulder pains when you do other exercises? Anybody else have opinions on this?