I like mixing my protein in milk, i hate it in water. however, i don’t want the massive insulin response it causes. would using lactose free milk have less of an insulin response?

You know, there are good tasting protein powders out there these days that taste really good in water.

You know, I don’t care how great tasting they are, they just don’t taste the same in water. I only do that when I’m traveling and don’t have access to milk. I love the creamy, thick taste that milk gives Grow! M’m M’m good!

Lactose free milk still has sugar in it just not in the lactose form…hence roughly the same insulin spike

Come on now guys- don’t do the “avoid milk thing”!! If your really(seriously) dieting down-OK-limit the milk. But,to GROW— drink lots of milk --screw the studies,etc-once again REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE says the opposite. You need the calories,extra protien,and YES even the carbs.Drink it with protien and or fat and the insulin responce is toned down.

Lactose free milk almost always contains lactose. The difference is that the lactase enzyme is added to help digest the lactose. Since lactose is still present it would not change the insulin response.

Im planning to do an insulin response study with different types of milk (skim vs whole milk vs lactose free skim). From the data Ive seen the really exaggerated insulin response from milk is due to some non-carb or non-protein component. The lactose does not seem to be the cause but there something else in milk that does cause this. Adding fat content does very little to minimize the insulin response. And adding protein will probably only exaggerate the insulin response even further. In the end, I do believe that weight lifters drink WAY too much milk. One of my buddies, for example, drinks like 12.5 cups per day. That’s way too much. Please dont get me wrong. You dont need to eliminate milk completely, just minimize the intake of milk to a reasonable level (2 cups per day?). An easy way to do this is to use 1/2 milk, 1/2 water in your shakes. Then eventually move to 1/4 milk, and 3/4 water. When dieting, it might be a good idea to avoid milk. There is an upcoming GOF that will discuss this in detail.

I know there is milk available where the lactase enzyme has been added to reduce the content of lactose to what is supposedly 100% less than regular milk but I still get a little “gas” from Lactaid milk. Maybe I’m just paranoid. :slight_smile: Anyhow, if anything, you’d want the lactose to be there. Since, the larger the amount of lactose that is convered to glucose and galactose(which the liver converts to glucose) the greater the rise in blood glucose and the greater the rise in insulin. I mean, unless you’re a freak who can handle every last bit of lactose, you may as well stay away from the “lactose free” milk. Since, it already has the lactose converted into glucose and galactose. At least with regular milk, there’s a chance that you won’t produce enough lactase to “break down” the lactose and therefore, your blood glucose and insulin levels won’t rise as much. In that regard, those who are somewhat lactose intolerant have an advantage. Even so, I think the whole issue of milk “making people fat” is overblown. I go into detail as to why people are mistaken and why the truth may be the exact opposite in a Gang of Five that should be coming soon.

what??? i drink almost a gallon a day… and i grow like a mother … hmm… it has tons of protein that i need… am i doing something wrong?

I practically live off milk, drink 1 gallon a day when bulking, and quite a bit when cutting, and have absolutely no problems losing fat. At the end of the day it’s calories in versus calories out.

ok maybe someone will want to answer this (like Cy Wilson or JB). I like milk and all, but a disturbing thing occured, i was in a special Dr. Eric Serrano chat, someone asked what the most estrogenic foods are. You know what he said? Soy, ok you know that and… MILK!!! thats not good. Anyone have anything to say about that?

I have read on one protein manufacturer’s site not to consume protein with milk as it makes it less bio-available… on another site a study was quoted about how human’s are the only animal to consume another animal’s milk … that we lose our ability to properly digest milk as a young child… western people have higher incidence of osteo and we are milk consumers where in asia they don’t drink milk and don’t have osteo problems…consuming milk actually lowers calcium in the body… just a few thoughts … I like my shakes with milk.