Mid-Workout Concoction

just looking for some advice as to whether this is advisable or not…

i am trying to cut down the final 5-maybe 10 lbs to ultimately reach single digit body fat for the first time…ever

i have been following a low carb diet for about 12 wks now, and i can feel the end in sight.

my question is this:

if i were to lift, say for 40-60 minutes, and then take 10 grams bcaas and 5-10 g glutamine, and then go for a 5 mile walk, would this be advisable as it could prevent me from fat loss? i would then of course have a pwo shake after the walk

thanks in advance…

For what you want I can’t think of a better idea than what you just said

thanks for the reply

another similarly directed question

this morning i decided to do some fasted cardio, jogging very slowly for 5 miles.

after this, i had 40 grams of whey, and 10g of BCAA and glutamine

would it be ok to have a meal like 40 minutes after this (6 egg whites, one egg, one oz of cheese and string beans), or would the insulin effect from the glutamine/BCAAs cause fat storage?

5 mile walks?! How long does that take?

i’d say about 80 mins