Methoxy7 Supercharger

Hey Shugart, what’s the 411 on this new product Tim talked about in bts that will make Methoxy 400% better…

I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you… Actually, I heard about the planned improvement a while back, but I don’t know the details. Even if I did, I couldn’t talk about them just yet. Tim will probably give more info in a future “Behind the Scenes” column.

The 400% figure (four times as good) is
an estimate based on improvements seen
elsewhere when the same sort of change
was made (I can say no more right now.)

We have blood samples taken already to
quantitate the exact degree of improvement.
Those results should be available shortly
(within days) but it might not be until the
launch of the improved version that we
give out the info.

While there’s science in this sort of work,
there’s also a degree of black magic and
voodoo… you don’t really know for sure
until you have the actual lab tests back.
But 400% is a reasonable estimate. I’d
be surprised if it’s less than twice, and
likewise surprised if it were more than
8 times, so 4 times is right in the middle.