Memorial Day Murph 2023

Anyone planning on doing this? Just striking up conversation about this. I’ve done it the past 3 years with 4 of my in-laws and then had a bbq afterwards. We’ve generally finished in about 68 minutes. We only have 1 pull-up bar so we all rotate on them. Pushups and squats are done at our own pace for the most part but we never move on until we’re all done.

This year, I’m thinking about doing it twice in one day. The first one will be done at my normal workout time of 5am and then again with the in-laws at 10. I’ve always wanted to do it and see how I did on my own.

The hard part for me will be motivating myself to do the run. I hate running with a passion so if I can wake up and get running, it will get done. If not, then I suck.

Good luck to anyone who’s doing it and I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day.

Thanks to all who have served and especially those who have given their life for this country.